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No Go For The Terribleminds Kickstarter

Alas — there shall be no terribleminds Kickstarter. Though I pitched it as a finite creative project with a start and finish (meaning, a total revamp and redesign of the site to enhance user functionality), they still deemed it a life-funding project. Which is a shame (and I disagree with the assessment), but there it is.

So, now to puzzle what else I can/should Kickstart.

The two options on the table so far:

a) a Bait Dog Kickstarter (i.e. the next Atlanta Burns story, this one a full novel)

b) an original writing book featuring brand new non-blog content geared toward storytelling in all its forms — loose title, The Penmonkey’s Guide To Giving Good Story.

Third options would include other novels I have kicking around, but I’m not yet willing to put them on the table yet. Still need to noodle some of those and the paths they might take.

Taking opinions if you have any.