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That One Writer Who Changed Everything For You

Anne McCaffrey passed away at age 85, and it’s always sad when the world loses a great author. I’d only read one of her books (the first Pern) and liked it well enough, but it was a long time ago and for some reason I responded better to Dune at the time. But I know her work really inspired and affected a lot of readers and future writers, and that’s a powerful thing.

So, it seems a good time to devote some air time to those writers that really affected you, whose work still resonates with you, whose work maybe changed you in some fashion.

I say “one writer,” but that doesn’t really need to be the case. Can be one, can be several.

So: who?

What writers affected you deeply, straight through the heart and clean to the soul?

How? Why? What books? What was the effect of those books?

Honor them here if you are so inclined.