Flash Fiction Challenge: The Flea Market

Last week’s challenge — “That’s Right, I Said ‘Unicorn’” — earned an incredible response, and you can check out those stories at the link.

So, I did a quick thing on Google+ yesterday where I had people list possible options for today’s challenge — and Brooke Johnson came up with the idea of a flea market, and the strange things you might find there. I remember once I found a photograph of the Devil. For real. I mean, okay, it was a goofy looking guy from the 1960s in a spandex Devil suit — waxed mustache, poochy pot belly, delicate calves — but hey, it counts.

And it was autographed. Seriously. It was signed, “The Devil.”

You don’t have to write about the Devil. Just write about something you might find at a flea market. Something strange. Wonderful. Or dangerous. As magical or mundane as you see fit, long as it’s got a story.

Any genre will do. This is suited toward speculative, but crime or horror or any of that will play well here.

You again have 1000 words.

Due here by Friday, August 5th at noon EST.

Once again, I’m going to give away free e-books.

Top five get a choice of one of my three DIY releases.

However, there’s a catch — I won’t be picking them.

You will.

Starting Friday the 5th at 12:01 EST, you will have 24 hours to choose your favorite of the bunch. All you have to do is comment with the name of the author and his/her story in the comments. The top five chosen favorites are the thumbs-up high-five ichiban winners. You can’t pick your own. Because that’s jerky.

Standard stuff applies. Post at your blog. Link back here. Point us to your blog in the comments on this page. Go forth and dig deep into the flea market, see what kinds of crazy shit your mind finds.

A couple quick follow-up notes, though: a suggestion to those who host stories at your blogs. It helps if those stories are a) readable and b) open to comments. Not critical, but you’ll get more mileage out of a blog whose font isn’t tiny, whose text isn’t bright white on dark black, whose comment section is open to those who want to offer kudos or insight.

Have at it, bargain shoppers.

85 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Flea Market”

  1. Just a couple additional thoughts regarding what you said about non-story factors that may come into play.
    a.) More people are likely to read, and consequently vote for, stories close to the top of the thread so sooner could be better (which sucks for me because I’m forever slinging my entry up on Thursday afternoon)
    b.) A snappy title never hurt anybody.

  2. […] a little more grounded now. To see more and to check out the other entries, go shopping here: Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: The Flea Market Way out on the edge of the metropolitan area there was a closed up car dealership. In the summer, […]

  3. I’m sorry I let *everyone* down by skipping last week’s challenge. The truth is, I had an idea but couldn’t complete the task. Iambic pentameter is not for the meek.
    There is something terribly, horribly wrong with this story as well. At the end of the story, I’ll tell you what the flaw is.
    Bargain Bin

  4. I’ve read all the stories above this post; was not able to comment at some> mostly “blogger ” site wouldn’t let me.
    I am struck by the high quality of stories. Well written and entertaining.
    I’m not reading any books ATM; even the popular writers seem formulaic and boring to me. Plus w. detective stories, someone always has to die.
    It makes me long for the days of short stories. All with the same theme, but with a different author. if you didn’t like one, you knew there was always another one coming.
    How about it Chuck> talk to your agent about a book of short stories? Might make a pile of money! Chuck Wendig’s FlashFiction Shorts : )

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