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Invent Your Own Mutant, Monster, Or Myth (And Win A Free E-Book)

Cat-Bird Banner: Irregular Creatures


It is time to give away some copies of IRREGULAR CREATURES, my short story collection.

Giving away five total copies in your choice of Kindle, PDF, or ePub format.

Seeing as how the collection offers nine short stories, each featuring some bizarre beastie, some mythic miscreant, some maladjusted mutant, I thought I’d run a little contest.

That contest: come up with your own “irregular creature.”

I want to see, in 100 words or less, your own crazy concoction — an original creature or monster of your own design. Fantasy, humor, horror, sci-fi, whatever. Have fun with it.

My collection has cat-birds, mystic rag-man hermaphrodites, and the vaginas of fallen angels.

What will you come up with?

You’ve got 24 hours.

I’ll pick my five favorites at noon on Wednesday, February 2nd (aka “tomorrow”). Those five will have their choice of how they want the collection (be advised: “rectally” is not a choice).

Drop your beastly imaginings into the comments below.

Let the mythological mutations begin.