Morning After: I’m Back From Sundance, Emmereffers

Blink, blink. *smells the air* Did something die in here? Why did someone leave a double-headed dildo in the sink? It’s…covered in… marzipan and cake batter? *licks it* Yes, yes. Marzipan and cake batter. That’s definitely it. Is that… Is that blood on the curtains? Goddamn. You leave this place behind for a week, and a handful of deviant hooligans just run a train on it. It looks like Snuff Film In Wonderland around here. A gently listing hamster wheel in the corner (sans hamster, a mystery I do not... Read The Rest →

After Report: The Sundance Screenwriters Lab

I want to tell you what happened during the Lab. I do. I mean, certainly you can imagine some elements of it — we eat food, we sleep in rooms, we talk craft together, we break into meetings with advisors, we watch a flurry of films, we sacrifice goats and other noisy animals to Ancient Muses. It’s all to be expected. But to tell you what happened? Impossible. Impossible in part because words cannot do it justice. How do you accurately describe magic? How can you plainly discuss the connection... Read The Rest →

Utah, Day Four

Imagine a room. Imagine that in this room is a collection of writers. Imagine that the logs in the fireplace pop while outside, snow falls. Imagine that the only thing they want to talk about is the craft of writing and storytelling. That was probably the baddest-ass part of the yesterday — a safe headspace where you can go and ask questions of those who have come before you, those writers who have been storytelling professionally for decades, those writers who have helped to shape and define those stories you... Read The Rest →

Utah, Day Three

It’s snowing. Well, I think it is. Sun’s not really up yet, and I can only kind of see this faint haze out there. The weather tells me that we’ll be getting some snow every day over the next week — gone, perhaps, are the 40 degree days. I’m a little more cogent this morning than I was during the previous posts, as I’m not writing this at the end of a day, when my brainsponge is swollen to capacity. It’s morning, and the sponge is still oozing Narrative Possibility... Read The Rest →

Utah, Day Two

Fact: I cannot promise to you that the words that are coming out of my fingers right now are not a mish-mash of consonants and ampersands. I think I’m writing a coherent page. The reality of this is likely far different. Fact: I am tired. Fact: We spent five hours today locked in intense discussion over the nitty and the gritty of our script. Two advisors of much capability and wisdom coming at the project from two different angles, both awesome, both otherworldly, both super-crazy-holy-shit-helpful. Fact: My brain is full... Read The Rest →

Utah, Day One

To make a long story short, I can’t feel my legs. It’s been a long day. The kind of day that begins at 3AM. The kind of day that, at 3AM, decides that your coat zipper is broken and you best find a new coat to bring. Pronto, biznatch. The kind of day that involves hours of travel on every end. But, it’s also been a bad-ass day. I shan’t say much at present. Just know that I am nestled in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by three feet... Read The Rest →

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