Why You Should Be Watching “Awake”

Jason Isaacs as a detective who loses his wife and/or his son in a car accident -- every night he goes to sleep and wakes up in a reality where one or the other survived. But it wasn't the premise that sold me. The promos revealed a thoughtful, mature show that possessed a gimmick but did not rely upon it.

Recently Discovered: Portlandia

Anyway, point being, I'm a bit late to the game here, but Sweet Jeebus, Portlandia is some funny shit. I'm not particularly aware of Portland culture, but it matters little -- the show walks this bizarre line where it first puts hipster culture on a pedestal and then pelts it with Pabst Blue Ribbon cans until it falls off and breaks. If you don't have IFC, Portlandia still streams on Netflix.

An Elegy For Terriers On FX

Listen, I don't blame them for canceling the show. I don't. The show suffered criminally low ratings. Nobody really... watched the program. Hell, I didn't watch it from the beginning. We grabbed about six episodes for the plane trips on our vacation, and found ourselves in love with the show. A show that was drifting lazily toward cancellation.

Best. Episode. Ever.

Even the best television shows have episodes that are real stinkers -- clunky junkers that don't really feel right. But, for every shitpile episode, you also get those episodes that are truly gilded -- they sit high atop a hill overlooking all of the Empire, serving as a gleaming example to what television can truly aspire.

The Weekly Wire: “I Wanted To Make That Shit Special”

Okay. It’s that time again, kiddies. Another look at HBO’s The Wire. I’m kicking the classroom door wide open. Here’s some dialogue between the two detectives, McNulty (white dude) and Bunk (black fella). They have great rapport. This dialogue is interesting — I don’t know that it needs much context. You maybe could know that McNulty is always putting himself in the political cross-hairs by trying to actually be a good cop (“good police”). What’s fascinating to me is that I don’t really know what’s going on in this scene.... Read The Rest →

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