This Risotto Gonna Fuck You Up, Son

My risotto brings all the boys to the yard. I don’t know what they do when they get there. I guess they probably beat me up and take my risotto. Which is a really sad and violent end to this whole affair, but that’s just how my risotto is. It’s that good. How can you not love food that invites tragedy? Anyway. It’s autumn, which for me is the Time of Risotto. I don’t know why. Risotto is comforting. I like to make a pillow out of it and just rest... Read The Rest →

Put My Meat Sauce Inside Your Mouth

In a roasting pan, deposit the following: one sweet onion, chopped into maybe eight pieces. One small carrot, skinned like a rare African monkey, chopped into four or five rough pieces. Two bell peppers -- one red and one yellow if you like the color. Sometimes, though, I use smaller sweet peppers if they're available.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, good people of the Internet. I'm thankful for all of you crazy peeps who show up here either sporadically or day in and day out. You make the Internet more than just a slap-dash buffet of disconnected information. You make the Internet about people, and hot diggity damn, that's pretty fantastic.

Recipe: “Mood Stabilizers”

And I thought, you know what I enjoy at restaurants? Lettuce wraps. Give me a leaf from a head of green leaf lettuce, put some delicious crap in there, and I will eat it like some kind of madman taco -- the crunch, the crispness, that slightly bitter tang of the lettuce. Yeah. Yes. I wanted that.

The Time Traveling Cook: Ribs Burgundy

Maybe you heard, maybe you didn’t. For Christmas, I got a very cool cookbook — Bucks Cooks: The Artists’ County (or, since the cover is of dubious layout, Bucks, The Artist’s County, Cooks). It’s a cookbook put together by a bunch of locals in 1950 — at this point, a good 60 years ago. My plan is to — slowly but diligently — work through each recipe in the book. The book is home to some pretty interesting recipes, and the recipes are themselves often quite spare, especially compared to... Read The Rest →

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