Toxic Tempers And Fevered Egos In Publishing

As of late, we've seen a lot of hoo-ha and fol-de-rol about "legacy" publishing and self-publishing. You know what? Hell with 'em. Stop listening. Stop paying attention. Stop shining lights in dark corners. Let the cults tend to their leaders. Let the Jonestowns grow more insular and paranoid and leave them to their invective.

Writers Are The 99%

Writers -- and, frankly, other creatives -- should realize they're part of the 99%. And they should act on that realization. Why? Because unless you're Stephen King, a big-time screenwriter, or Snooki, then the one-percent -- corporations in particular -- doesn't give trash-truck full of donkey crap about you. How do you rebel against marginalization?


Remembering is good, though. Celebration isn't, but that's up to us not to turn this into some kind of crass holiday. Point being, I wasn't going to write anything. And yet, here I am, barking into the void. You want to know what I remember about 9/11? Here's what I remember.

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