Why I Love Hipstamatic

Do you have an iPhone? Do you agree that the iPhone's camera is a bag of dicks? Let me whisper one word into your ear: Hipstamatic. The Hipstamatic app transforms your iPhone camera into generating faux-vintage and fake-ass-retro shots. Yes, that's right. I have become a HIPSTAMADDICT.

And Lo, The Angels Did Command: “Ponder The Nerdtivity, Or We’ll Go Shithouse On Your Ass”

Seriously. The angels said it. They screamed it. It belched from forth their mad bodies in great plumes of fire — electromagnetic waves radiating from their thousand nipples did besiege my poor human mind, so incapable, so frail, and I was forced to kneel and do as the lunatic angels commanded. That’s right. We’re not talking the “harps and fluffy wings” angels. We’re talking some Ezekiel-level trip out. Whirling disks and a thousand eyes. A hundred limbs and endless teeth. Those kind of angels. Brr. As for “go shithouse on... Read The Rest →

Itty Bitty Cities: The Microcosm Of Macro Photography

Why macro? Someone asked me that this weekend at my high school reunion. They’d seen my images, my photostream — a high school reunion these days is essentially just “Facebook Live!” — and they asked, “Why macro?” I found myself providing the easy answer: “I… don’t know!” I know how I got into it. When my wife and I got married, we were trying to have a sensible and small gathering, in part to control costs, in part just so we could remember the day and not be crushed beneath... Read The Rest →

Photography For Writers

It sounds silly. “Photography for Writers.” It’s like, “Knitting for Zookeepers,” or “Dancing for Gunmen.” And yet, here I am, feeding you baby birds my wisdom. Ground up in my meaty gizzard and regurgitated into your eager mouths. You may have noticed that I tak pitchers wid my camera. I have a Flickr photostream, and there I deposit an unholy number of images, some good, many less than good. At present, I have almost 2500 photos up, with almost 700,000 total views. Well over half my shots are macro shots,... Read The Rest →

Pimp My… Uh, Index Page

I know. I’m not supposed to use the word “pimp,” because it implies I want you to beat prostitutes or something. Please, do not beat prostitutes. Unless they attack you first. They travel the grasslands in packs, and sometimes, they get bitey. I put up a new index page at terribleminds[dot]com. It looks like this, just in case you’re too lazy to click over there: Do you hate it? You probably hate it. I can already see some things about it that I don’t like. It’s a bit busy, for... Read The Rest →

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