Tunes For The Penmonkey

Given that different music is valuable to different writing moods or to writing different scenes, what do you like to write when working on certain types of scenes? Say, when you're writing action? Or drama? Or sex? Or ACTION DRAMA SEX? (That will be the name of my memoir, by the way. Look for it in the year 2034. Provided we all survive the Hyperborean Sharkpocalypse of 2032.)

In Which We Talk About Music

But music is a part of our lives, right? Curiously, it's less a part of my life than it used to be -- music is one of those many things that fractured, like cracks in a kicked mirror, and now our music culture is no longer as homogenized as it was before. On the one hand, that's a great thing, right? Lots of micro-audiences. Lots of niches. A wider variety of music.

2009: Miscellaneous Debris

It occurs to me, I’m leaving a ton of delicious pop culture scraps on the floor. I don’t want the mice to get them. Oh, sure, you think mice are all cute? I thought that way, once. And then the mice found their way into my silverware drawer and pooped on my silverware. For reals. Oh, and then they also ate my butt plug. That’s not a joke, by the way. Mice actually consumed most of my butt plug. Does it help me if I tell you that the butt... Read The Rest →

Saturday Specimens Of Hilarity: Flight Of The Conchords

Ye gods, I love this art. It’s by some dude named Sam Gilbey. He does great work, and I found his site randomly; bop on over, check out his work. Really, though, we need to talk up some Flight of the Conchords. I’m not super-late on the Conchords bandwagon, having come into their Kiwi Folk Hip-Hop around the time of their HBO comedy special (a couple-few years before they actually had the series on the same network) — that being said, I know they had a fairly zealous following before... Read The Rest →

Music For Frankensteins: Simple Joys, Beautiful Small Machines

In case you missed it, I am a big Bree Sharp fan. Also in case you missed it, I am a big fan of her new “band,” Beautiful Small Machines. They have a song out, now, with accompaniment by Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon. I listen to this song, and I think…. Promethean: The Created. I just do. I can’t help it. Here’s the MP3. The lyrics are, I think: I was built from the cold of men With the hands of Marquis de Sade, a cruel facade If I could... Read The Rest →

Story Songs: Day Six

Jonathan Coulton may seem to provide little more than light listening; his songs are funny! He’s like Weird Al Yankovic! He’s not. Actually, many of his best songs are equal parts funny and sad and sweet and strange, and a large majority of this troubadour’s ditties are actually full-bore story songs. Tales from start to finish. And so, I give you, “Space Doggity.” You can read about the song by clicking that link, but if you don’t — just know that it’s about the first dog in space. Laika —... Read The Rest →

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