Flash Fiction Challenge: And Now, The First Sentence, Please

Last week I asked you for the last sentence of a story. This week, I’m asking you for the first sentence of a different story. How this will work is this: Next week, I will pick ten of each, allowing you to then randomly choose from that selection for an opening and final sentence to a short story you’ll write. But that means we need another sentence that will start this unwritten story. So, get to doing that. You again have one week. Due by Friday, August 25th, noon EST.... Read The Rest →

Invasive And Zer0es E-Books Are On Sale

I don’t know why they’re on sale — let’s go with serendipity, or maybe time-travelers did it, or maybe it’s the cosmic result of two wizards battling. Either way, it’s a thing, and it’s happening. Both are on sale for your many e-reading devices. INVASIVE is about ants and anxiety and will also give you a free trip to Hawaii*, and features Hannah Stander, a futurist consultant for the FBI contending with a horde of killer genetically-modified ants as well as an enigmatic billionaire and a secret atoll laboratory. Amazon,... Read The Rest →

Last Chance To Get Off The Ride

I know, I know, I don’t want to be talking about this shit either. I’d rather be talking about literally anything else. Puppies. Sunshine. Empanadas. Butt plugs. (Not coincidentally, those are also the nuclear launch codes.) Anyway, short post, but here it is: If you’re a person out there who supported this president and who supported the political party to which he supposedly belongs, here’s your chance to get off the ride. Well, first, fuck you, because you should’ve known better. Smarter people told you this was bad, that he... Read The Rest →

Fight On, Space Unicorns: Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction

And now, a vital guest post from Michael Damian Thomas, co-editor of Uncanny Magazine along with Lynne M. Thomas, who wants to talk about their daughter, the political state of America, and the mission behind the new Disabled People Destroy Science-Fiction series — you will find the Kickstarter for that right here, so go click and go give. * * * The above picture is of my daughter, Caitlin, at her appointment to pick up her ankle-foot orthotics on November 8, 2016. Earlier that day, Caitlin voted with me. As we waited for... Read The Rest →

“This Isn’t Us”

I’ve seen that phrase a lot over the last couple days — this isn’t us, as if what happened in Charlottesville happened somewhere else, to someone else, in another country, on another planet. But it didn’t. It happened here. It didn’t happen here in a vacuum. It did not appear here, as if by random, as if by some Satanic intervention. It wasn’t a comet we didn’t see coming, it wasn’t a disease making a sudden zoonotic jump. This is in our, to borrow and subvert the phrase of those Nazi... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Last Sentence Is Needed

Your task this week is simple: I want you to come up with a single sentence. Just one. No more than thirteen words long. This sentence is meant to be the end of a story. The last sentence. You can deposit this sentence in the comments below. Again: just one, please. Not a whole story. Just one sentence — the end to an as-yet-incomplete story. Do this by next Friday, the 18th, noon EST. Begin.

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