E.C. Myers: ReMake America Greater Than It Ever Was

Since Election Day 2016, there’s been a steady stream of comments and memes on social media comparing the United States to [fill in your favorite/popular/overhyped dystopian fiction]. From Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu to cracks about the Hunger Games, just when we thought dystopian fiction had worn out its welcome and it’s finally time for sexy yetis or magical narwhals or whatever to be the Next Big Thing, the world changed dramatically almost overnight, and now we cling to those dystopian books as more than escapist fantasies—they’re primers... Read The Rest →

Racheline Maltese: Queerness In Tremontaine

I was a teenager in New York City in the 1980s. My parents were artists, and I was queer. Which meant that, by the time I was 15 years old, almost everything in my world – from school reading assignments to dinner conversations — was about AIDS. AIDS and my bisexuality didn’t feel separable any more than AIDS and art did. I spent a lot of those years, and the ones that followed in university, lying to my parents and fighting our government. And in all the books I read,... Read The Rest →

The Danger of Writing Advice From Industry Professionals

Yesterday, a literary agent on Twitter stepped into a big pile of Twitter poop. One assumes this agent meant well. He, the agent who shall remain nameless as he has since deleted his tweet, popped on with a bit of intense, over-the-top writing wisdom (“wisdom”) that said, paraphrased, cut out all of the adverbs and adjectives from your book. All of them. Every last one of those little motherfuckers — axe ’em. They are ill beasts to be put down. My response, was of course, to go even bigger: DELETE ALL... Read The Rest →

The Art Harder, Motherfucker Mug

As you may well know, I sell an ART HARDER, MOTHERFUCKER mug through the Zazzle store, and today, for some reason, the mug is on sale for like, 60% off. You get that discount, you simply click here and then use the coupon code ZHOLIDAYSAVE. That coupon code also works on the clean version of the mug, though why you would ever want a coffee mug that doesn’t curse at you is beyond me. And there are other mugs, too: Certified Penmonkey Caffeine, Motherfucker, Do You Speak It? Writer Juice And... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Asks, What The Fuck Is This Fish, Seriously, WTF

Whilst in Florida, we went to the J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve on Sanibel Island, and I saw a bird — a white ibis, I believe — fishing at low tide. The bird stabbed into the water and withdrew what looked to be a fish, though upon closer examination, that’s a weird fish. I’m sure it is a fish, and I’m sure it’s not a cryptozoological find, but — well, take a look and tell me what you see. (Note: click the pic to embiggen it.) Here’s another bird — a... Read The Rest →

Where To Begin With The Novels Of Me, Chuck Wendig?

It is the time of the Non-Denominational Holiday-Neutral Joy-Shrub, and as such, we often engage in the Festivity of Capitalist Mirth-Sharing, where we buy Objects of Delight for the people we both love and tolerate. And so it is the time of the year where I get tweets and emails from folks saying, HELLO, I WANT TO BUY YOUR BOOKS FOR [friend / loved one / cherished enemy with noble redemption arc / myowndamnself] SO PLEASE TELL ME WHERE TO BEGIN. I want to help. But it’s a hard question. It’s... Read The Rest →

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