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Adrian Gibson: Five Things I Learned Writing Mushroom Blues

Two years after a devastating defeat in the decade-long Spore War, the island nation of Hōppon and its capital city of Neo Kinoko are occupied by invading Coprinian forces. Its fungal citizens are in dire straits, wracked by food shortages, poverty and an influx of war refugees. Even worse, the corrupt occupiers exploit their power, […]

John Hartness: Five Things I Learned Kickstarting A Novel

So, I’m not what you’d call “new” to publishing. Since putting out my first novel in 2009, I’ve published 39 book-length works, from novellas to novels to collections of novellas and short stories. And I learn something from every single one of them, whether it’s not to save the world in the first book of […]

Eliot Peper: Five Things I Learned Writing Foundry

This is a story about two spies locked in a room with a gun. This is a story about how semiconductors are refactoring 21st century geopolitics. This is a story about the greatest of games, the game that subsumes all other games, the only game that really matters: power. This is a story about finding […]

Dan Moren: Five Things I Learned Writing All Souls Lost

Say hello to Mike Lucifer, Spiritual Consultant. He’s back in town to take care of business. Unfortunately, when business is good, things must be very, very bad. After two years trying to run away from his past, Mike Lucifer’s back in his office less than ten minutes when a persistent young woman shows up asking […]