Out Now: Vultures, The Last Miriam Black

It is a difficult thing ending a six-book series. And the difficulty of that comes from oh-so-many directions: there arrives the emotional difficulty of closing a chapter on a beloved character and story, and then there’s the difficulty of trying to tie together all the relevant threads in a satisfying way for the readers of that series, and all that’s not to mention the unquiet fear that it simply won’t make a splash, that nobody will care, that it will land with a gentle thud and be fast forgotten. Ending one book is hard. Ending six? It’s juggling chainsaws, man.

But there is also a lot of joy in it.

In this, the last chapter of the Miriam Black saga, I can say at least that I am satisfied with the story I told and the way I concluded it. The ending to this book has (roughly) been in the cards since book two, and I’ve tried very hard to bring all the elements from the books together in one. I think Vultures is one of the best books in the series, and probably has my favorite Adam Doyle cover of the lot, too. And, real-talk, I’m also a little happy just to be done. In part because this very dark, very cantankerous character has lived in my head for *checks calendar* about 11 years now, and also because dealing with the publisher and editor of the series as of the last few years has been… let us generously say, “less than ideal.” (Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you the less-than-generous version.)

I feel like I should have some grand speech, some *makes broad gesture* sweeping conclusion to how I feel, but I don’t. Not right now, at least. For now I’ll simply say that Vultures is the end of a long journey for me, one that began literally at the start of my writing career and, thankfully, did not also dovetail with the end of it. I expect too it’s the end of a long journey for the fans and readers, too, so I hope you’ve enjoyed the profane, death-brined tales of Miriam Black, and I hope that this last book meets your expectations and is provides for you not only a satisfying conclusion, but an exciting and unexpected one, to boot.

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