Friday Newsbump

Okay let’s start with the most important news of them all: yesterday I took a photo of a red-tailed hawk firing a rocket of pee-poo out of its clearly weaponized cloaca.

Yes, I know, I know —

You’re welcome.

Seriously, I was sitting here in the shed and the hawk — who I assume is a lady, as she is ginormous, and the ladyhawks are bigger than the brohawks — flew right in front of my window, then landed in a tree across our driveway. I make a habit every day of bringing my camera out just to have it, and so I quick started snapping some shots…

When the tail lifts, and the bird exorcises a ribbon of ghost poo.

As captured in that photo, above.

The photo does not capture the sheer distance achieved, however.

Anyway, this is the news you crave, I know.


Well, a little movie based on some authorial shitposting is now available on Shudder, as well as on Amazon and iTunes — that’s right! You Might Be The Killer is now watchable at home. (I know this isn’t necessarily internationally true; I don’t control that.) You can buy it. You can rent it.

So that happened.

The new episode of Ragnatalk is up.

Also, I know that I didn’t do a Macro Monday post — hey, it’s the holidays, we’re all kind of flying a little loosey-goosey here. Expect one Monday. OR DON’T. You never know with me.

Finally, the sixth and final (gasp) Miriam Black book is out — Vultures. It wraps up the series, tackling the one outstanding mystery: who, or what, is The Trespasser? You can pre-order it in print or eBook. That’ll be out on January 22nd, with an audio edition coming, too. There’s also a new Miriam-universe novella, following the character of Wren with a story that takes place between The Raptor & The Wren and Vultures, and has a bunch of cool psychic slasher-killer stuff going on. That’s gonna be in the three-novella collection Death & Honey, alongside fellow penmonkey cohorts Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne. You can preorder a limited edition signed/numbered hardcover, or nab in eBook. That comes out February 28th, with a cover by Galen Dara.