Flash Fiction Challenge: Write About A Tree

Trees are amazing.

Trees are givers of life in many ways.

Trees, like this one, can be weird or scary.

Your job, this week, is to write a 1000-word piece of flash fiction about — you guessed it, a tree. A tree must be involved. It can be a character or a setting or some other part of the tale. It can be good or evil or neither of the two. It can be part of a horror story, a redemptive tale, a fantasy story, a crime narrative.

Whatever you want.

Due by: October 6th, Friday, noon EST

Length: 1000 words

Write at your own online space.

Link back here so all can read.


50 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Write About A Tree”

  1. Okay, so The Fix, “To fix something, you first must break it,” that Flash Fiction Challenge stirred a story idea in me that excited me so much I broke the glass I was washing and sliced my finger nearly in half. So I have yet to write that one.

    But today’s prompt matches the story i wrote when you offered us the “Create Your Own Monster” prompt (yes, my monster was a sort of tree) so I hope you don’t mind if I re-share it here: http://autismanswersbytsara.blogspot.com/2017/03/short-story-lonely-spirit-flash-fiction.html

    I have only now begun to be able to write again (partly because of good story idea trauma but mostly because my finger wasn’t working. tee hee!) but I still want to work on that idea I had for The Fix. I hope turning in late assignments isn’t punishable by ants. Or bees. Or Aunt Bees. <—- I'm not as funny as you. 😀

      • Aaww… thank you. I’ve got a postcard of a tree from Nottingham Forest which – legend has it – Robin Hood and his Merrymen used to hide in… it’s centuries old and really huge (on the postcard).

        Then, when I visited the UK, my tour passed one of the UK’s oldest trees – and oak – which still stood and was over 2,000 years old… we had to go off the beaten track to see it and weren’t allowed to go near it or touch it in case one of the branches fell; as they were being held up. It was a wonderful and sad sight at the same time… I asked if the tree was alive or dead, and our co-ordinator said it still lived, but the branches were so heavy it needed help to hold them off the ground.

      • Thank you. I’ve always wondered how it works for them… I mean, I grew up with a forest behind my house; and wondered how they ‘felt’ when the time came for the local council to rip them out of the ground. And what about the ones which outlasted the others by a couple of hundred years? I remember one which did – then had to be moved for improvements on a car park. It had been in the same spot for over 300 years – maybe more – and yet they couldn’t fell it because it protected.

        That’s where my story kinda began… that one last tree in the car park. 🙂

  2. Strangely enough, there is a tree in my novel that plays some importance. I thought about sharing 1,000 words of it, but it’s not polished, and my hope is to one day have it published. So now I’m going to have to come up with another tree story. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for the prompt, Chuck!

  3. Folks — deeply sorry all these got in moderation queue. When I travel, ideally I can log on to the site to moderate, but I lock out strange IP addresses, and traveling sometimes gives me those, and then suddenly, I can’t log on! Apologies!

    • Your apologies are futile, Chuck. You have failed us for the last time. While you were swanning around at Comic Con, we all pooled in and hired a hitman to exact our revenge.

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