Flash Fiction Challenge: Here Are Your Five-Word Titles

Last week, I said, gimme some five-word-titles.

This week, I picked ten at random.

They are:

Dark Lords of Shining Sun

Paper Cuts Make Good Bait

You Don’t Steal My Shit

Once There Was Far Music

I Shouldn’t Have Swiped Right

Ghosts of the Sea Queen

Someone’s Dragon Is Double-Parked Outside

The House No One Built

Dear Robbie Benson, Save Me

Time For Tea And Treachery

Your job:

Pick one or nab one at random.

Then write a story using it.

Length: ~1500 words

Due by: Friday, July 7th, noon EST

Post at your online space. Link back here.

Pick and write.

33 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Here Are Your Five-Word Titles”

    • Hey Sam! I enjoyed your story. Ghost ship, pirates and all. Perhaps if the last of the crew decided to join the Sea Queen and her malevolent ways, the story could continue on its voyage 🙂

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