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Flash Fiction Challenge: The End Of A Long Journey

That title sounds like I’m shuttering the flash fiction challenges forever, but I promise, that’s not the case — no, instead, I want you to use that idea as this week’s prompt.

What I mean is this:

I want you to write the end of a long journey.

That can mean whatever it needs to mean in the context of your story.

The story can be any genre.

The tricky bit here will be — how can you get in a beginning, a middle, and an end for what is ostensibly the period of a narrative consisting only the end? It’ll require you to bring some skills to bear to make it work, to give us all the information we need, and to make it more than a snapshot in time or just a vignette.

Length: ~1500 words

Due by: 4/14, Friday, noon EST

Post the story online.

Link to it in the comments below.