Macro Monday Brings The First Official Mystery Macro Contest

Let’s do it.

I’ve put together 15 macro photos here, some new, some older, with the idea that you will go through these and take a guess at what they are. When you guess, get as close and as specific as you can. Saying “a waterdrop” isn’t inaccurate, but on what does the drop sit? Do as best as you can. Some of these are easier, some of these are trickier.

Person who gets closest will get…

Um, let’s go with “a prize.” No idea what. I’ve got books, I’ve got other random things to give out, we’ll figure it out. If you’re US-based, it’ll get easier to mail you something, but even if you’re international we’ll figure out a prize for you.

Rules are:

One entry (i.e. list of guesses) per person.

Make your guesses by the end of Monday, April 3rd, 11:59PM EST.

Use the comments below to get in your guesses. Chronology matters, so if for some reason you tie with another person, the first one to get in the correct guesses matters. Please note the number of the photo in each guess (each photo’s number sits below the photo it identifies, by the way).

I’ll be gone from Thursday to Monday, so I’ll do my best to approve comments if they’re in moderation, but sometimes traveling can make it tricky. I’ll make sure to get them all approved by next Tuesday (the 4th), which is likely when I’ll figure the winners, because unless some manner of chaos occurs, I will have gotten back home by then.

(For those that don’t know, hey, I’m at Wondercon in Anaheim, CA this weekend. Come see me! You can nab the Wondercon schedule here. Coolest thing is, I’m doing a Spotlight panel on Sunday, an audience Q&A moderated by the inimitable Delilah S. Dawson, so come by and say hi.)

Anyway. Behold the photos below. Make your guesses!
















15 responses to “Macro Monday Brings The First Official Mystery Macro Contest”

  1. I have no idea what most of them are, but what I can say is that they are all gorgeous. If the writing career somehow doesn’t work out for you, you won’t starve.

  2. Okay, here goes.
    1. Kale or some other leafy green that’s supposed to be good for you.
    2. Frozen liquid or icicle.
    3. Dish drying rack.
    4. Fruit punch inside the bend of a crazy straw.
    5. Either the inside out skin of a baseball or the grossest thing I have ever seen.
    6. A splash of heavy cream.
    7. Condensation on a drinking straw.
    8. Frost inside a freezer.
    9. Snow on a branch.
    10. Strawberry jam dripping off a butter knife or you have a lot of explaining to do.
    11. I’m guessing snaps on a sequined jacket.
    12. Inside the lid of a jar of strawberry preserves.
    13. Condensation on chicken wire.
    14. Pencil shavings.
    15. A drop of water on a grape.

    That was fun!

  3. Here’s my attempt:
    1. Dried maple Leaf
    2. Tin foil rolled to a point and briefly burnt
    3. Face massager
    4. Raw honey
    5. Old baseball cleat with the shoelace removed.
    6. A Marshmallow burnt from the top from a concentrated point so the inside melted and it didn’t catch on fire
    7. Drops on a straw from the liquid which the straw was pulled from (probably water)
    8. Powdered Sugar
    9. Ice on something pulled out of the freezer
    10. Strawberry sauce slipping through the cracks of a fork
    11. Jewelry?
    12. The bottom of the almost empty strawberry sauce jar (the jar being made of glass)
    13. Water on a chain-link fence
    14. Chopped up kale?
    15. A drop of water on a plum or grape (probably grape but I feel bad saying what the previous person said) with a reflection of the kitchen cabinets inside of the water drop.

  4. 1- Dried tree leaf
    2- Icicle
    3- Bristles on a child’s toy
    4- downward shot on the Pour spout of Chemex. (with filter)
    5- Old decaying baseball
    6- Tooth paste nozzle
    7- Condensation on a piece of pulled glass. (drinking straw would not have lines converge)
    8- Powdered sugar or flour after being sifted.
    9- Frost crystals.
    10- Jelly.jam dripping from butter knife. (Bdubs PB7J?)
    11- No clue other than its commercial grade plastic with a machined hole melted into it.
    12- sticky Juice ring left on glass
    13- Condensation on outdoor netting
    14- Snow melting on glass (car sunroof?)
    15- Water drop on blueberry.

  5. These are very cool. That said, these are what I wish them to be:
    1 Egg from Aliens
    2 The physical manifestation of despair
    3 Astroturf buds
    4 Werther”s
    5 Voodoo Doll mouth
    6 your doom
    7 toothpaste
    8 tardigrade
    9 Mikey the ice kid. He also holding a hockey stick
    10 Index finger of the ghost of Christmas yet to come
    11 Jackson pollack’s paint cans
    12 my doom
    13 Pacman factory
    14 Map on a the head of a pin
    15 spaceman hiding behind a boulder

  6. 1 – Sun shining through a dried leaf
    2 – A super magnified strand of hair
    3 – Brush bristles
    4 – Catheter tube
    5 – Abandoned tube worm tunnels
    6 – Terrifying claw-like calcium deposits growing from a shower head
    7 – Straw with water droplets on it
    8 – Sugar bowl
    9 – Freezer burn ice crystals
    10 – Jelly dripping off of a knife
    11 – No idea
    12 – Bottom of an empty bottle of Pomegranate juice
    13 – Dew on chicken wire
    14 – Lichen creeping from a shoreline into a pond
    15 – Water droplet reflecting a kitchen, resting on a blueberry

  7. 1 The inside of a leaf with light behind it.
    2 The dirty end of an icicle.
    3 That faux grass bottle dryer mat thing with some bottle lids on it (I have one too).
    4 Honey is involved? A drip of honey?
    5 Something that used to have laces, like a baseball.
    6 Cthulhu in melted white chocolate egg form.
    7 Red and white glass tube with water droplets on it.
    8 Something getting dropped into grainy powder-maybe baking powder?
    9 Towered ice crystals.
    10 Strawberry jam dripping off a utensil (knife?).
    11 The bottom of some sort of red glass thing? One that has gray metal holes at intervals. That one got me, no idea.
    12 The inside bottom of a glass container that has red juice dregs.
    13 Water droplets on chicken wire.
    14 Greenish powdery stuff at the edge of some water. Does sand come in that color? Maybe in the evening light.
    15 A fat water drop on the edge of a blueberry.

    That was hard! Great pictures.

  8. 1 looks cellular and leafy, so I’ll say a leaf.
    2 is … maybe the end of a gnarly shoelace?
    3 looks like the brush bristles, perhaps of a kids’ hair brush.
    4 a view of a pitcher, head on?
    5 looks like a negative of football laces. Inside out football?
    6 looks way too horrifying, but based on the background I’m gonna say it’s a gnarly melted candle viewed from above.
    7 a candy cane?
    8 crystallized snow?
    9 ice crystals, and I can’t get any more specific than that
    10 tough. red wine, or more likely soda, dripping off the edge of … something? a plate? (why would red soda go in a bowl? Then again, you have a son about the age of my son, so I’ll strike that question)
    11 a shoelace grommet on a ruby slipper
    12 looks like a dinner plate frozen in a block of ice.
    13 chicken wire with raindrops
    14 looks like algae, but I really have no idea
    15 is a bead of water — reflecting the inside of a room, possibly your kitchen? — on a berry or an olive

    Those pics are pretty excellent. Jealous of your lens.

  9. Here goes nothing!

    1: skin of CW’s pet elephant
    2: shoe of dead ballerina frozen behind shed
    3: Hattifatteners rising (now in all-new GREEN!)
    4: the mysterious inner workings of the still out in the woods
    5: where the robot-worm army emerged
    6: a lamprey that’s lost its teeth
    7: rainstorm on The World’s Smallest Big Top
    8: tardigrade emerging through snow
    9: a crystalline substance which shall remain nameless for legal reasons
    10: fossilized drop of blood
    11: the blowholes of hell (pink is an abomination)
    12: where CW put down his wine-quaffing mug (use a coaster, dammit!)
    13: rain on the chickenwire bubble that keeps us out (or alternatively, keeps CW in)
    14: a map of Europe carefully composed of mineral eyeshadow belonging to the lady of the house (or for all I know, the man of the house)
    15: a bald monster arising from the murky depths, bearing the Crystal Ball of Hydrological Sciences.

    How’d I do?

  10. 1. Light shining through dried (maple?) leaf veins.
    2. ??
    3. Bristles from a plastic hair brush
    4. Goldtone jewelry clasp?
    5. Tree seed (the kind that rattles when its dry)
    6. Tardigrade teeth
    7. Wet, partially eaten peppermint stick
    8. Calcium buildup
    9. Ice crystals
    10. Jelly, dripping off a butter knife
    11. Eyelet snap fasteners on an American flag
    12. An eyeball after scrolling Facebook on a Samsung mobile phone
    13. Dew on chicken wire
    14. Magnetic shavings
    15. Dewdrop on a blueberry

  11. 1) Bleached spinach leaf for an experiment on its use as a building lattice for heart muscles
    2) Moth chrysalis
    3) Dish drainer
    4)Red ale in a straw
    5) Baseball skin
    6) Brylcream: a little dab will do ya
    7) Candy cane in the rain
    8) Freezer burned ice cream
    9) Calcium crystal babies
    10) Jelly about to drip on the floor
    11) Plastic snaps on raingear
    12)Old Grenadine: the bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean
    13) wet chicken wire
    14) Dirty shower floor
    15) Example of hydrogen bonds on a blueberry

  12. 1.A leaf, a dying leaf
    2. Metal, used for soddering in fire arts
    3.Grass next to buckets, or lego grass next to lego peices
    4. A caramel cut in half
    5. A rotten baseball
    6.The tip of a meringue that’s been cut into with a needle or tooth pick, opened up
    7. A folded and wet American flag
    8. The cardboard inside an egg carton
    9. Snow at night, so it looks dark, or ice against a dark metal bowl
    10. A drop of jam on the edge of a spoon about to fall
    11. Two empty lipstick lids
    12. The bottom of a jam jar
    13. A wire fence
    14. Mold covered in frost
    15. A sphere of water on a simple stone

  13. Okay, here are my guesstimates:

    1. Light filtered through either a flower petal or a lettuce leaf.
    2. The smoker’s end of a blunt. (Heh)
    3. Dishes on a drying rack with silicon bristles.
    4. The lip of either a milk jug or creamer.
    5. An old baseball without stitches.
    6. The nozzle of a whipped cream dispenser.
    7. Water on a stripped awning of some kind.
    8. Icing sugar.
    9. Ice crystals formations.
    10. Blood dripping from a hypodermic needle.
    11. Looks like an enamelled covered piece of tin or metal part. Have no idea though. :-/
    12. Red wine sediment on the bottom of the glass.
    13. Water droplets on a soccer net.
    14. Frost buildup on a car’s windshield or window.
    15. Water drop on a blueberry.

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