Flash Fiction Challenge: Fuck You, That’s What

For this week’s challenge, an odd sort.

I want you to write a story of going against authority. That can mean whatever it means — but I want it to be a story with attitude, with a take-no-shit, have-no-fucks style. Whatever genre, whatever theme you want.

Get rude.

Be profane.

Middle fingers up.

Chaos and rebellion and whatever else you care to muster.

Due by: noon on Friday, 3/31.

Length: 1000 words

Post at your online space.

Give us a link below.

Fuck yeah.

44 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Fuck You, That’s What”

  1. Well, I sat down and 1,000 words later, the story is done. It’s a more subtle F-you and I hope people get it. I’ll post it Friday. Thanks for making me work my creativity. I need the practice!

      • Thank you! It is fun to write about the apocalypse from the perspective of someone who’s actually cool with it. And not in a psychotic way, just a “shrug” sort of way. Adapting and moving on.

    • Ahhh, you write this WAY too fast! 😛 At this rate, you’ll be on series #3, Starbound*, before I’m even halfway through Sixteen Sunsets!

      *continuing with the theme of celestial bodies, of course.

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