I Gotcher Blackbirds! Blackbirds Here! Just A Buck-Ninety-Nine


I write to inform you of a recent change regarding my debut original novel, Blackbirds, which features the first adventure of the heroine, Miriam Black, a scalding cup of rat poison in human form. Miriam is a psychic and is able to see how and when you die simply by touching your skin to her skin. This has, quite clearly, left poor Miriam feeling less and less pleasant as regards humanity and the rest of its sweaty ilk.

That novel is presently on sale for a mere one dollar and ninety-nine pennies, and it is for sale at this price at B&N for your Nook, though you will also find it price-matched at Amazon and at Apple and yes, also at Kobo and even at something called Google Play. I do hope that if you have not yet enjoyed the Frisbee-to-the-face that is Miriam Black that you will choose to begin her venomous adventures here with the first book, with the consideration that oh my oh my, there are two more books published (Mockingbird and The Cormorant, respectively) and three more on the way (Thunderbird coming out next month, The Raptor & The Wren out by end of year, and the final book, Vultures, out at some point before your inevitable demise).

If you remain uncertain, please enjoy this book trailer.

I promise, it’s actually a very good trailer.

If you don’t enjoy the trailer, I will in fact compensate you for your lost time, as I am a chronomancer with power over the temporal threads that bind the universe. But please don’t spread that around as it causes me trouble.

Enjoy Blackbirds, should you endeavor to pluck it from the digital ether. If you were inclined to pre-order the newest, Thunderbird, I would be positively ebullient. Further, if you are caught up on the first three but have not yet read the novella called Interlude: Swallow that ties together Cormorant and Thunderbird, then behold the collection in which it sits: Three Slices.

See you on the other side, goodly folk! Ta!

With deepest disregard,


p.s. the art is by the mighty Galen Dara


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