Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick Three Sentences And Write

Last week I said, HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN, and then I realized I wasn’t yelling at kids on my lawn but writers on my blog and so then I was like HEY YOU WRITERS WRITE ME A SENTENCE. And a bunch of you did.

Your job now is to scan the comments at that post and find three sentences you like. Use them in a single story, any genre, without any limitation except their inclusion. Be sure to provide credit to the original authors of the sentences you use.

Length: ~2000 words

Due by: Fri, Aug 26th, noon EST


30 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick Three Sentences And Write”

  1. I used these sentences

    — Sometimes, the only thing left to build is a fire. (Rich Hayden)
    — Shrouded in white, garlanded with marigolds, she lies on brushwood waiting for the cleansing flames. (Debb Bouch)
    — Flicker, fade, expand again, and the flame burns steady, a tiny light against descending dark. (Beth)

    and wrote this story (https://lisacle.wordpress.com/?p=801&preview=true)

  2. Here’s my entry, inspired by the following four (I couldn’t just pick three) sentences:

    “Wings don’t make the angel, and hellfire doesn’t make a demon.” – furyious
    “Shrouded in white, garlanded with marigolds, she lies on brushwood waiting for the cleansing flames.” – Debb Bouch
    “She belonged there, in the half light of the moon, where reality was a dream.” – Ken McGovern
    “Sometimes, the only thing left to build is a fire.” – Rich Hayden


  3. I have my work cut out for me. I found 2 sets that go together–two stories with a lot more than 3 sentences each. We’ll see. Oh, and one that I love for itself and will want to use at some point.

  4. There were dozens of great sentences last week. After a lot of effort, reducing them to thirty or so, then further down to about ten, then changing my mind, these are the ones I chose:

    “A dozen menhirs had appeared on the front lawn, accompanied by a deep hum.” – by Dave Wurtsmith.

    “She picked up the golden feather and wondered why it was quietly humming.” – by Mr David R Lewis

    “The fog consumed everything.” – by Joe Parrish.

    And this is the story I wrote using them, Ione. A YA magic short story with a bot of coming of age… that doesn’t really have a proper end.


    • … sorry: “with a BIT of coming of age”, not a “BOT”. Though that would have been interesting…

  5. Here’s my story titled “Passive Aggression”: http://wp.me/p29Hv8-CA.

    I made some tense and punctuation changes to the sentences so that the grammar would be more cohesive, but here are the three sentences that I used:

    “A few weeks in Hell and the Devil decides I don’t belong here.” – katemcone

    “The smoke he exhaled curled to the ceiling and took the form of a naked woman.” – Susan K. Swords

    “That’s right I am kind, and my kindness is why you should be afraid.” – jakashadows

    Constructive criticism welcome! And great job on all of the others who completed stories. Looking forward to reading them 🙂

  6. Okay, I did the thing. Here are the choices I went with.

    -I looked up the tall wooden ladder, wondering if it would hold my weight. http://frwdnrnd.wordpress.com/

    -Reality lurched much like a rickety wagon on uneven pavement or a teenager caught masturbating. Mekkin(author)

    -It was one of those rare occasions where violence didn’t solve the problem. Graviton(author)


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