Flash Fiction Challenge: Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Today’s challenge: write a piece of flash fiction that begins with a visitor at the door. A guest. Or a villain. Or something altogether stranger. Any genre will do. But someone is at the door.

Who? Why? For what purpose?

Length: 1000 words-ish

Due by: Friday, June 17th, noon EST.

Post at your online space, drop a comment here.

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

107 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Knock Knock, Who’s There?”

  1. […] As promised, it’s time for a little sunshine to enter into Steven’s life. I had a lot of great feedback for chapter thirteen, and I’ve integrated all your suggestions. As usual, prompts from Inspiration Monday, Three Word Wednesday, The Writing Reader & Terribleminds. […]

  2. I don’t need an actual knock right. Like …throwing something..or someone… into a door at a really high speed…that would work…right? Right.

    I have to go throw something.

    • Thrilling and exciting! I loved this little snap shot into Lisa’s life. It almost felt like a true crime style story. The kind that needs a slick voice over guy to say, “Little did the they know that, like Justice, Lisa was also blind. And, like Justice, she always got her man.” Great stuff, Mozette. Thanks for sharing!

      • Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜€ A few years ago, I lost my sight in my left eye for a few days (during a big seizure, I cut the inside of my eyelid and when it healed, it didn’t heal properly and pulled a piece of my cornea off, allowing in the sunlight and anything else into my eyeball – very painful). I was lucky to regain my sight; but it was scary to not be able to see over those few days. I drew from that experience and thought to use a police/guide dog to work it all in together… had fun writing this. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Thanks. It just popped in my head and I wanted to get it down before I lost some of the details. If I ever come back to it, I want to flesh out the purpose of the sidekick more (details in my head that never translated to the story), but it was a fun little diversion to write regardless.

      • Thanks. I didn’t want to be too obvious with the story and it turned out a bit sketchy, I’d say.

  3. Thank you for comments. A little confession (which I had tried to post before, honest), this piece was already written, so similar to a couple of posts here, so another cheater am afraid. It’s part of something bigger which I’m half way through.
    Am a complete technophobe so have messed up previous posts but have tried to leave comments on the great stuff I’ve read here. Looking forward to reading more and being tested by the challenges.

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