Macro Monday Gives The Finger To Spring Snow

It is April.

It is spring.

It snowed this weekend.

Which, y’know. C’mon.

*points flamethrower at sky*

It didn’t stick or anything but ye gods, really? Snow? MRGH.

But — but! — I thought, maybe this is a good opportunity to take the camera out into the hoary spitting hatemist and see if I can grab some interesting photos.

The photos below are the result. A small set of them! Behold! BEHOLD.

First, though, let’s get some administrative stuff outta the way.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at Seton Hill talking about writing and life and Star Wars and really whatever the hell you want me to talk about. I will also sign books. I will also sign babies. I will also dance seductively. It is at 7pm and you should totally go and hey look here are the details. If you’re in western PA or Ohio or West Virginia or can beam down using teleport technology, I hope to see you. BE THERE OR BE SCRUTINIZED AND SHAMED.

Then — here is a review Kira Jessup did of Blackbirds, which features the sentence: “I devoured this book in less than a day.” Which is really the best thing anyone can say about my books, that they couldn’t help but be a bookish glutton, shoving it into their imagination-holes as fast as humanly possible. People often ask what book of mine they should start with, and though the answer varies wildly depending on what kinds of books you like, really the real answer is, start with Blackbirds. I think that’ll tell you if you like my work or not.

Finally, hackers have been in the news recently, what with taking hospital data hostage and all that Panama Papers stuff. If that sort of thing interests you, I suggest peeping Zer0es, my novel about hackers going up against a sinister self-aware NSA surveillance program.

NOW, THE PHOTOSET. (Click images to view on Flickr.)

21 responses to “Macro Monday Gives The Finger To Spring Snow”

  1. People be like messing with the environment. Mother Nature be like all pissed off. Mother Nature’s like you know a bitch. That be like what’s happening when you mess with a powerful bitchy person. And, the climate change deniers will be using the unseasonably cold April as further proof that global warming is a hoax. Oh, by the way, great pictures.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Seton Hill (four of us–the whole fam-damn-ily, including a pair of creatively gifted teenagers). Pants worn under protest, because the oppressors won’t let us in without their symbol. Also, it is rather cold.

  3. I’ve recently been given an Olympus OMD E-M5MkII, and no I didn’t make up any of those letters, which required me buying an after market manual to learn how to use it – still learning its features – and don’t mention the firmware update that added more new shiny features to play with. Oh, I just did. Oops, sorry, just having a camera geek moment.

    Anyway, the important bit is to have fun taking pictures with one’s camera. And have I mentioned focus stacking, which is awesome for macro photography? Have now, so my work here is done. Have fun.

  4. I love your photos. I wish we had snow where I live in Oz so I could take some close ups. Right now we’re having the opposite to you in America and a late taste of summer. Haha, imagination-hole. Love it. Blackbirds was fabulous. Miriam rocks 🙂 Thanks for reading my review — I totally didn’t expect to see it mentioned here.

  5. I’m trying to figure out what the fourth picture down is of. I can’t quite place it… it’s so fleshy and pink and and… BULBOUS. I don’t know. I got nothing. Wonderful work, Mr. Wendig.

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