Flash Fiction Friday: Seven Deadly Sins

This one is pretty easy.

Pick one of the classic seven deadly sins:

1. Lust

2. Gluttony

3. Greed

4. Sloth

5. Wrath

6. Envy

7. Pride

And then write 1000 words of story based around that sin. In some way — how you interpret that is, obviously, up to you. Any genre will do.

You can choose to randomize it, too, using random.org to pick a random number between 1 and 7, and that’ll give you a random sin.

Post your story at your online space.

Link back here in the comments so we can all read it.

Due by March 11th, Friday, noon EST.


194 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday: Seven Deadly Sins”

  1. So I was writing a novel, and then I realized: in this world, the people who think kids casting Summon Monster in D&D are practicing real summoning, are kind of right, and if you could actually summon anything in the D&D Monster Manual, there’d be one obvious choice, and it would be fucking metal.

    So, here’s my entry for Lust, a side-story from my upcoming web serial.


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