Flash Fiction Challenge: Yes I Know It’s Sunday Not Friday Shut Up

(Sorry folks — was without Internet for a couple-few days. We’re back on now, though.)

I’ll make this challenge easy, by which I mean, easy for me. Difficult for you.

I want you to write a story in the form of social media.

Meaning, I want your 1000 words to take the form of:

Twitter, Facebook, a blog post, Instagram, something, anything online.

Meaning, you will tell aย fictional story using social media as the framing. You will post this at your blog or other online space, formatted accordingly — it’ll be due by next Friday, 2/5 at noon EST. Any genre will do. Be sure to link back here so we can all see what you wrote.

Now go do.

[EDIT: due to some confusion over the challenge, let me add a bit to clarify — what I mean is, you know how an epistolary work is fiction in the form of a letter to someone or some other document? Assume this to be a digital social media epistolary form. Your story should be writtenย as if it takes place on social media — though, even e-mail could work. It is a fictional construct, a narrative that assumes the form of something other than straight prose. ]