Okay, first up, some administrative duties —


It was very hard to pick just one. So I have picked three. Those three are:

Ryan Allen:

Salacious Crumb, Jabba’s pet, indeed crawled maimed from the Sail Barge wreckage, going on to create a vast clone army of himself known as the Knights of Crumb.

Brandon Sparks:

Final Scene:

Wedge steps into his apartment on Rebel-occupied Coruscant. Weary from defeating the true villain (a 30-meter tall, weaponized Gonk droid piloted by the mind-controlled, reconstituted corpse of Jek Porkins), he tosses the keys to his X-Wing on the side table and reaches for the light switch.

The lights flicker, then fade.

Surprised, Wedge looks up to see a hooded figure standing across the room, silhouetted against the Coruscant cityscape. The figure speaks.

“Mr. Antilles, you’ve just stepped into a whole new galaxy. You just don’t know it yet.”

The figure turns and lowers the hood of his tattered Jedi robe, revealing a gleaming bald head and an eyepatch.

“My name is Mace Windu. I’m here to talk to you about the Lobot Initiative.”

Nick Nafpliotis:

Thrawn & Mara Jade make a cameo as nomads on Tatooine before being run over by a rogue podracer dubbed ‘The Canon.’

You three? EMAIL ME. Terribleminds at gmail dot com. Gimme your addresses, yeah?


Time for this week’s challenge.

It’s a simple one, and based off the fact that it’s been a very Star Wars-flavored week for me…

You should write 1000 words of space opera.

That’s it. Them’s the only rules. One genre. One story. Flash fiction. Normal rules apply: write it at your online space, link back here, due by next Friday (the 18th) by noon EST.