Thunderbird Has A Cover

And that is its cover.

All hail the work of Adam Doyle!

In the book, Miriam heads cross-country to look for a psychic who can help her understand — and potentially be rid of — her gift of being able to see how people are going to die when she touches them. But her search is fraught with danger, and her path intersects with that of a dangerous cult of domestic terrorists who want to use Miriam to aid in their mad crusade.

You can pre-order the book now — it comes out April 5th, 2016. Hardcover!

The first book, Blackbirds, is presently $1.99 at Amazon until Friday. That’s e-book — the print edition will release in September, and I can say, it’s very, very pretty.

And you can also check out Mockingbird (Book 2) and The Cormorant (Book 3).

(Print to follow, too.)

Further, if you’re so inclined –

“Interlude: Swallow” is a bridging novelette that connects The Cormorant to Thunderbird. You can find it in the collection Three Slices, which also features an Iron Druid story by Kevin Hearne, and a Blud story by Delilah S. Dawson.


  • love this.
    i miss the old style with a picture of miriam, made of key moments in the book. made finding out what means what onimus and fun.
    But love this, change can be good and i look forward to seing what lies within.

  • Yay! Pre-ordered. Can’t wait. I love pre-ordering books. I always forget I have and then it is like Christmas when they come

  • So excited, read the first three in a week and now just waiting not so patiently for the next. Cover is beautiful. Just bought the interlude so I can get my Miriam fix. Can you please type faster, April is soooo far away. I did pre order though.

  • I hate you Chuck! You and your stupid(awesome, gorgeous) new cover for Thunderbird.
    It started like this: I’m checking email over morning coffee (I get your updates on email) looking for another fun short story challenge. I see the post, and the pretty cover. Such a pretty cover isn’t it? Look at the pretty colors Debbie, don’t you want to see more? I end up on Amazon (I don’t even have an Amazon account), to purchase Blackbirds. Gotta start at the beginning right? So here’s the problem Chuck, the reason I hate you now.
    Between work and family, I have such precious little time to write (I’m only at 22,000 words so far in my latest story), and tonight…tonight I have three whole hours to myself to catch up. But nooooo, instead of doing that, my nose is stuck into Blackbirds. (Wipes dinner crumbs from iPad). So here’s the deal, if I’m behind in my writing…your fault. Late with reports for work…you fault. Dishes in the sink…well you get the idea. I guess I could go on but I gotta rush off…Miriam is in trouble again!

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