Flash Fiction Challenge: The Car Chase

It is the time of car chases.

Today, Mad Max.

A few weeks ago: the recent installment of the Fast & Furious series.

Car chases are awesome.

So, when I got an email from reader Scott Lyerly who said, “Hey, you should do a whole flash fiction challenge based around car chases,” well, dang, I thought he had the right idea.

That, then, is your mission.

You have 2000 words to write a piece of fiction that comprises a car chase. Doesn’t matter the genre or how you frame it — but it must feature and in fact showcase a car chase.

Post that fiction to your blog or other online space. Drop a link here so we can see it.

Your story? Due by next Friday, the 22nd of May, noon EST.

Start your engines.




69 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Car Chase”

  1. Ooooo goodie. This weekend I shall feast upon Bulliet, Ronin, Bad Boys 2, and anything else where one car should follow another car at more than 30mph.

  2. I like this. I think car chases in screen plays must be more difficult to write than they seem at first glance, as many of them are, well, bleh. While others(the above mentioned Bullit is a good example) become legendary icons that are remembered and talked about for decades.

  3. I love this idea, and while it’s a fun concept it’s a real challenge for some people to write an action sequence. This will help a lot of us, me included, and I can’t wait to write it…I’d already be on it if it weren’t for this stoopid office work

      • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Kind of makes me feel better about spending Friday night at my computer, typing away. I’m having this conversation a lot nowadays:

        Friend: “So, what did you do last night? A date? the new Avengers movie? Awesome party?”
        Me: “Well… I sat at my computer and wrote a story.”
        Friend: “On a Friday night?”
        Me: “Yup.”
        Friend: ?!??

        I’m hoping this is normal (for writers)?

        • Yeah, it’s pretty normal. Unless you’re the kind of alcoholic writer who parties hard Friday nights and writes about their scattered hangover-memories Saturday afternoon (when they wake up).

  4. I’m going in the direction of the absurd. Stay tuned for a fast-action car race story featuring Toonces the Driving Cat (late ’80s SNL reference).

  5. Car chases are cool.
    By the way, I’m so disappointed in Fast&Furious 7. So many stupid moments. Yeah, I understand that is the action movie, but still. Do creators think that we are idiots?!

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