Cover Reveal: The Harvest (Heartland, Book Three)


It’s the brand new cover to The Harvest, the third (and final) Heartland novel.

I again have won the cover lottery thanks to my publisher, and the artist, Shane Rebenschied.

The book comes out July 14th.

It pulls no punches and… *whistles*

Well, you’ll see.

Here’s the official description (which, admittedly, is a hair spoilery).

Blood will water the corn…

It’s been a year since the Saranyu flotilla fell from the sky, and life in the Heartland has changed. Gone are the Obligations and the Harvest Home festivals. In their place is a spate of dead towns, the former inhabitants forced into mechanical bodies to serve the Empyrean — and crush the Heartland.

When Cael awakens from a Blightborn sleep, miles away from the world he remembers, he sets out across the Heartland to gather his friends for one last mission. As the mechanicals, a war flotilla, and a pack of feral Empyrean girls begin to close in on the Heartland, there isn’t much time to make their next move. But if they can uncover a secret weapon in time, Cael and his friends might just find themselves with the power to save the world — or destroy it — resting in their hands.

You can pre-order the book here.

You can read the first book, Under the Empyrean Sky.

Or the second in the series: Blightborn.

Or you can read the short that prequelizes the series: The Wind Has Teeth Tonight.

(And given the Star Wars news yesterday, a lot of folks who aren’t presently readers of mine are wondering if I’ve written anything close to that, and I’d say: check out the Heartland series. DO IT. DO IT NOW. *throws a wampa at you*)

21 responses to “Cover Reveal: The Harvest (Heartland, Book Three)”

  1. I am curious of Shane would do covers for a self published cover. I would expect him to charge a good price for his work of course. But when I go artist shopping I will save up the money. I am going to want pro. And love his work.

  2. Your covers are consistently awesome. Congrats!

    Also, I’m jealous of your prolificity. Would you be willing to share the word counts for your three Heartland novels?

  3. Right Chuck, I’ll make a deal with you! If you release Thunderbird within the next month I’ll buy it and all the Heartland books as I’ve not read them yet. Deal?
    Also, that cover up top reminds me of The Wizard of Oz.

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