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Want To See The New Miriam Black Book Covers?


So, here’s the thing. I tend to be very lucky with book covers. Some authors struggle to get great book covers out in the world, but so far, I’ve won that lottery damn near every time, with a rare exception here or there. (Related: did you see that Barnes & Noble did an exclusive cover reveal of my upcoming “hackers versus an NSA artificial intelligence” book, Zer0es?) The original Miriam Black covers were pretty much the perfect example of this — Joey Hi-Fi did a trio of covers that were images that lovingly encapsulated the books, and each image was itself a collection of smaller images. They played particularly well on-screen (though maybe less so in the physical, where the mass market paperback size made some of the details harder to parse). They were beautiful, and so, when it came time for SAGA Press to step up and create new covers for the book — obviously, I felt some apprehension in my gut.

Turns out, though? I had no reason to worry.

Simon & Schuster was eager to make these covers as iconic as their former ones, and were equally interested in hearing my thoughts along the way. And the trick about creating new covers for these books is, you need them to be as distinctive, but at the same time, not ape the former covers. You can’t out Joey Hi-Fi Joey-Hi-Fi. He is at the top of his game, so you gotta go different. But you also can’t go so different that nothing of the original remains, right? Right.

So, I’m pleased to reveal:

The brand new Miriam Black covers.

These covers are done by the artist Adam S. Doyle (his website here). Adam did the covers for the beautiful Maggie Stiefvater books (behold: Raven Boys). He does amazing work.

When, you may be asking, will the Miriam books be on sale?

The new e-books should land next month: 4/21.

Then, for print, there will be a rolling series of releases:

Blackbirds: 9/28.

Mockingbird: 10/6.

Cormorant: cough cough sometime a few weeks later

The fourth book, Thunderbird will come out in early 2016 in print and e-book.

No scheduled dates on the last two books in the series.

(Stay tuned for more news and some cool giveaways.)

So, wanna see the covers already?