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Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Random Sentences

[Apologies that this challenge is late — I set the other one to post but, without realizing it, had been logged out and the scheduled posting did not save.]

This challenge? Pretty straightforward.

Pick one of these five randomly generated sentences.

Use the sentence in a flash fiction short story, ~1000 words in length.

Post that story at your online space, and give us a link to that story in the comments below — this story is due by this coming Friday the 13th at noon EST.

Bonus challenge: use more than one of these sentences in the story.

The sentences are:

“The mysterious diary records the voice.”

“The stranger officiates the meal.”

“The shooter says goodbye to his love.”

“A glittering gem is not enough.”

“The memory we used to share is no longer coherent.”

“The old apple revels in its authority.”

“Rock music approaches at high velocity.”

“Sixty-Four comes asking for bread.”

“Abstraction is often one floor above you.”

“The river stole the gods.”