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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Four-Part Story (Part Three)

Back to it, peeps.

Go, visit the page for Part Two of this challenge.

Once again we return to the four-part story you’re all choatically cumulatively writing. Your task is to go to the comments, find the second part of a continued story, and then continue it by writing the third part of that story. Three out of four parts. Not the last bit — but the penultimate one.

You have another 1000 words to do this.

Make sure to identify which story you are continuing and who the writer was.

Do not continue your own story.

Do not end this story — you’re writing the second of four total parts.

You can partake in round two even if you didn’t participate in round one.

You must finish your second entry by noon, EST, next Friday (the 27th).

If you can and the original author approves — please compile all the stories into the single page, and credit the original author. (That may save folks from having to track back through multiple links to get the whole story so far.)

Jump in, get writing. Part three awaits.