Flash Fiction Challenge: The Four-Part Story (Part Three)

Back to it, peeps.

Go, visit the page for Part Two of this challenge.

Once again we return to the four-part story you’re all choatically cumulatively writing. Your task is to go to the comments, find the second part of a continued story, and then continue it by writing the third part of that story. Three out of four parts. Not the last bit — but the penultimate one.

You have another 1000 words to do this.

Make sure to identify which story you are continuing and who the writer was.

Do not continue your own story.

Do not end this story — you’re writing the second of four total parts.

You can partake in round two even if you didn’t participate in round one.

You must finish your second entry by noon, EST, next Friday (the 27th).

If you can and the original author approves — please compile all the stories into the single page, and credit the original author. (That may save folks from having to track back through multiple links to get the whole story so far.)

Jump in, get writing. Part three awaits.

112 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Four-Part Story (Part Three)”

  1. Also, the first part of the instructions sez ‘third’ part, but the second part of the instructions sez ‘second’ part.

    Pretty sure I missed out on parts one and two, BUT perhaps I can get in, in time for part three!

  2. Ok I can’t find a part II for my favourite story, so in addition to doing a part III of something, I’m going to try for an old-fashioned film noir and carry on James Cheary’s story.

  3. […] Chuck’s challenge this week was to take the second part of someone’s story and write the third part. I read the first part of this story and almost wrote the second part to it but found something else I was more inspired to write. When I read the second part, my first thought was there is nowhere to take this. But I couldn’t get it out of my head and it didn’t take long before I had the third part pretty much nailed down. I’m really hoping someone finishes it. I think I left it open enough for a few different directions. […]

  4. I’ve got the third part in the story of Bart Luther, Freelance Exorcist, with parts one and two included at the start. I left the story at a climax, and I look forward to seeing what someone else comes up with for the last bit! Read it here:

    In case you’d rather read things separately, or want to give these fine folks their due eyeballs, Josh’s Part 1 can be found here:

    And Pavowski’s Part 2 can be found here:

  5. I picked up the third part of STOPPING BY WOODS ON A SNOWY EVENING, originally begun by Peter MacDonald (http://pikabot.tumblr.com/post/110862120470/stopping-by-woods-on-a-snowy-evening), then picked up by Richard, AKA Poor Dick (https://poordicks.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/flash-fiction-challenge-stopping-by-woods-on-a-snowy-evening-parts-one-and-two/#comment-34).

    Here is Part III: http://www.casondrabrewster.com/?p=2113

    Peter and Richard, I hope you like it.

    • Alice, thank you for picking up my “stranger on a train” story and the “James Appleton love story.” I think both links are pointing at the James Appleton story, though. Any chance you could check them on your end? 😎

  6. There seems to be some confusion as to writing part three. I am sorry if I stepped on anyone’s toes in my choice of part three. Please, point out if I have link to the wrong sites also.

    • I don’t see that that is any problem. Several of us have written follow ups to the same Part One, if I’m not mistaken. Like they say over at Nike, “Just Write It”

    • By default, WordPress sets any post containing two or more links to pending moderation. Its a way to combat spam. I’m guessing Chuck has it set on the default (which is reasonable) and was just busy. If you avoid posting two+ links in a single post, you shouldn’t have any issues.

  7. Okay… Now, there’s a few of us whose stories still don’t have a Part III to them. There’s mine ‘The Dare’ where Momdude has continued on from my part one… who is daring to take off from his daring and brilliant piece of darkness? I’d love to know how it all turns out for my mutant teenager who doesn’t want to hurt anyone – well, not unless she needs to.

    • Mozette, you and Momdude have both done a great job with parts one and two, so I’m going to try to come up with a part three, even though there isn’t much time left. I hope I can do justice to it. Thanks for the inspiration

      • OK, I’ve finished and posted Part Three, along with parts One and Two. The protagonist didn’t have a name, so I called her Diana, for reasons I explain at the top of my post. You can read it at http:/elctrcrngr.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/the-dare/

          • Oh!!! I love this! Thank you for naming her. I really didn’t think of a name (I’m lousy at that) and Diana is a wonderful name.

            By sheer co-insidence, I was over the UK when Lady Diana passed away in 1997. I was there on a holiday when the unexpected news came through on the radio in St Neot’s and was in Chester for the her service. I spent a good amount of the last few weeks of my time there photographing shrines in her name – floral as well as artistic ones alike.

            Her name being used in this work is very apt. 😀

          • Thanks, Mozette. I’m gratified that you like the name. In my Part 3, I was trying to build some tension to be addressed by someone in Part 4. I’m wondering how well you think I did, as this is an area I struggle with. Your thoughts appreciated. Thanks again

  8. I’m going to be getting mine in late today, which sucks, but it will be in. I’m writing the third part to Miranda (first part by Henry, second part by CJ). As soon as I’m done I’ll post it up here. 😡

      • Thanks! With how fast our protagonist’s health was declining, I couldn’t see him actually accomplishing his goal before he died – which could have been great, if I was writing part 4. I think Pavowski probably handled the situation better – and to a much darker and fatalistic degree.

        I just tried to sit down and figure out how it may be possible for the protagonist to actually accomplish his goal from the where WildBilbo left him. He was falling apart fast, and I couldn’t see him being anywhere near his objective. I figured the city-fortress would have to be at least as big as Pittsburgh (~50 square miles), if not larger. I researched radiation sickness and, with the protagonist’s symptoms, I figured he had maybe 6 hours tops to get his revenge. 6 hours isn’t a whole lot of time to locate and execute what would have to be at least a dozen elite members of society; or to figure out how to properly sabotage the city and implement his plan… The only reasonable thing I could think of was if some outside force would help him. But what outside force could help him?

        I figured the city’s automation had to be run by something – and that would probably be an AI shackled in some way to follow the whims of the ruling elite. I initially had a bit of conversation about how the AI held life, dignity, and agency in equally high regard – which is why it wanted the elite council eliminated. They essentially had it enslaved and intended to do so to the non-elite class. However, it still had a genuine desire to help and protect the humans within its walls, and wouldn’t want them to see it as a threat.

        But, that speech took the work well over 1000 words, it was awkwardly placed, and by not including it, the next author can make the AI’s intentions as beneficent or malevolent as s/he desires. Plus, it kinda make the work a bit lighter, and I don’t know if that would be a good thing or not.

  9. Well, last week I picked up parts two and three of lisacle’s story opening. Since no one did a part three of “I’ll Take Mondays”, I don’t see why I can’t do the same this week. The only trouble is that I’ve come to think of these exercises as calisthenics for our brain’s writing muscles, and doing two parts of the same story is kind of cheating. But I’m old, I’m not supposed to be as flexible as you young bucks. So stay tuned for the conclusion of “I’ll Take Mondays”

  10. Ah, late yes late… but I dont care, its a breach of the rules anyway – me continuing my own third part (I’ve already posted a third against someone else’s part).


    I highly recommend the official continuation of this story – parts two and three were excellent 🙂

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