Flash Fiction Challenge: Superheroes Plus

Last week’s challenge: Oh, We’re Gonna Use These Photos, All Right.

First up — a point of administration. I never picked the random winners from the three-sentence challenge, so I’m doing that — *checks watch that doesn’t exist on my wrist* — right now.

Three winners:

Brenda (sleepingseeker)


Taylor Johnson

You three — email me at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

Now, onto this week’s challenge.

I want you write a superhero story.

Except — then I want you to mash it up with another subgenre.

You can choose one on your own, or roll randomly from this list:

  1. Splatterpunk Horror
  2. Locked Room Mystery
  3. Space Opera
  4. Urban Fantasy
  5. Erotica
  6. Epic Fantasy
  7. Cyberpunk
  8. Dieselpunk
  9. Noir
  10. Haunted House

You’ve got 1000 words.

Post at your online space, link back here through the comments.

Due by next Friday.


79 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Superheroes Plus”

  1. This is awesome timing because for my Nanowrimo story, i’m actually writing about superheroes! so i’ll write 1000 words that i can slot straight into the story AND also use for this challenge! Whoo!

  2. Okay!! Superhero crossed with Erotica….

    I’ll come clean… I’ve got new man in my life… he’s kinky in all kinds of way… and he asked me to include him in one of my stories and if I get the chance… this was a good one to include him in. His name is Mark Davey (google him, he’s there and look at the images), and this is very much like him. 😀


  3. Okay, I not only didn’t quite do the challenge, but I totally missed the deadline because I didn’t know what day it was. Sort of a (super) hero fantasy…

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