Awkward Author Photo Contest: The Results!

One last look at the awkward author photo photoset, if you care to see.


Over 300 votes (!).

I actually had to sub in my wife to do a pivot table to count these up.

The results of that are:

pivot-table-votesWhich means that our TOP TWO winners are:




These are amazing.

Hell, so many of those photos were amazing.

(I need to actually think now of the next photo contest because I love this SO MUCH.)


Email me at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

And now, a set of two random winners who will get #AmWritingMotherfuckers Post-It notes:

#13 and #16!


Again, you two? Email me at terribleminds at gmail.

Congrats to all.

You’re all super-weird.

Which means you are kin to me.



  • Thanks for allowing me to participate in this fun contest. 🙂 Fifth place out of 63 authors isn’t too bad! Thanks to all who voted for #62! 🙂 Great job everybody, these were great photos! Also, #25, I loved your robot suit. Like Chuck said, you’re very Bioshock-like! 🙂

  • I am so thrilled to have made it to 4th place! even if the afternoon drunkenness was slightly staged. Someone asked why so many authors have orange cats, well to be honest, I have two cats, but posing with the black one was much more likely to get me maimed after more than two takes.
    I loved everything about this contest and all the other entries. I kept sharing and going back to the photos, not to solicit votes but bc they were such a delight to look at.
    FTR I think the chicken photo isn’t awkward at all. It’s delightfully weird, same with 27 though the sweater over the shoulders was a bit much. 😉 I’d love to see them both on a book jacket someday.

  • This was the best! I confess to voting for Peep-Man, but the two winners were my two Miss Congeniality choices (as was chicken-lady.) The creativity! The style! The . . . um . . . obvious evidence of self-medication . . .

    I can’t wait for the next round! Congrats one and all.


  • I loved this contest too. I thought it was great. If it helps, my cat is tabby and follows me round. His favourite thing is to either pat my fingers as I type or walk across the keyboard and flop onto his side… which makes for some interesting interludes to my novels.

    Thanks Chuck for setting it up. It must have been a lot of work but it was really fun and I am looking forward to the next one you do.



  • Massive applause here. I really needed the laugh this morning. That wall of photos is a thing of beauty. It should be burned into a golden disc, nailed to the side of a probe and shot into space for the edification of future generations/alien civilizations.

  • Aaaww… I’m so happy to have had the chance to jump in and take the shot at being weird enough to be in the tally… 😀 And you know, at least I got one guy who loved my photo. 😀

    Thank you whoever you may be…

    …. And thank you Chuck for putting on this photo comp. Well… next time, we’ll know how weird and out there you want us to be… yes, you’ve most certainly set the bar high – um, low, um… well you know what I mean. 😛

  • ZOMG! I wonz! My beard somehow managed to squeak past the mystical chicken and the glorious draped-sweater -and-cognac.
    I am honored. I am astounded. I am amazerated.

    You can see the surprise and tremulous joy on my face in this bloggery post (there’s even the glint of a tear in my eye–just above the face-thatch)

    Oh what a glorious day.

    (emailing Chuck now for my fame and glory)

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