Flash Fiction Challenge: 100-Word Stories

Last week’s challenge: “Stock Photo What-The-Palooza.”

(Once more, sorry this challenge is up late — vacation last week with poor Internet access had me unable to post the damn thing properly. But here it is! Don’t throw things!)

This week’s challenge is:

Write a story in 100 words. (Technical term: “drabble.”)

I don’t care what genre.

I want it to be a complete story. Beginning, middle, and end.

Not just a vignette — not just a snapshot of a scene.

And I want you to write with the explicit goal of making us feel something.

Joy, pain, fear, sorrow. Something. Some emotion.

In 100 words only.

You can write it at your blog, link back here — or, because the stories are short enough, feel free to write them write into the comment section below. (But do check your length. Again, stories of no more than 100 words.)

Crack the whip, word-herders.


  • Better late than never :-) Here’s “The Acceptance Letter”

    The blue eyes of the young man shone with great pleasure as he read the letter. He could barely believe that his dream was coming true,that his perseverance had paid off.

    It was his second time to apply to the school. Last year,the school had rejected him and he had been devastated. But he was a resilient individual with a singleness of purpose that bordered on the manic. So he applied again.

    This time, his application was accepted.

    He finished reading the letter then immediately began reading it again.

    “From the Vienna Art Academy. 1908. Dear Adolf Hitler…”

  • College Daze

    Yes! At last I was a college freshman and totally on my own. Nobody was going to remind me when
    to get up or go to bed, to get ready each morning, go to meals, or to attend my classes

    Organization and self-discipline were yet to be learned. Although I made myself a class schedule for
    my desk, I neglected to make one to carry with me.

    Entering the room and taking a seat in my very first class, I exited soon after class began. I was in
    the wrong class!

    Never again would I repeat this particular mistake.

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