Now Available: 500 Ways To Write Harder

500 Ways To Write Harder: Coming Soon

My newest e-book writing release is now available.

You have a handful of ways to buy this, were you so inclined.

First: Amazon, $2.99.

Second: direct from me using this button (or link):


Third: as part of a seven-book, $20 bundle using this button (or link):


Finally: B&N, $2.99.

Book Description

“Chuck Wendig’s Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey is full of the kind of writing advice I wish I’d gotten in school. Practical, brutally honest, and done with the kind of humor that will make it stick in your brain. Whether you’re a veteran writer or new to the craft, you’ll find something useful in here. Plus he says ‘fuck’ a lot, so, you know, there’s that.”

— Stephen Blackmoore, author of Dead Things

500 Ways To Write Harder aims to deliver a volley of micro-burst idea bombs and advisory missiles straight to your frontal penmonkey cortex. Want to learn more about writing, storytelling, publishing, and living the creative life? This book contains a high-voltage dose of information about outlining, plot twists, writer’s block, antagonists, writing conferences, self-publishing, and more.

All this, straight from the sticky blog pages of, one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers (as named by Writer’s Digest).

This book contains the following chapters:

  • 25 Bad Writer Behaviors
  • 25 Hard Truths About Writing & Publishing
  • 25 Steps To Becoming A Self-Published Author
  • 25 Steps To Edit The Unmerciful Suck Out Of Your Story
  • 25 Things To Do Before You Start Your Novel
  • 25 Things You Should Know About Antagonists
  • 25 Things You Should Know About Conventions & Conferences
  • 25 Things You Should Know About Metaphor
  • 25 Things You Should Know About Narrative Point-of-View
  • 25 Things You Should Know About Outlining
  • 25 Things You Should Know About Worldbuilding
  • 25 Things You Should Know About Young Adult Fiction
  • 25 Things Writers Should Beware
  • 25 Things Writers Should Know About Traveling
  • 25 Turns, Pivots and Twists To Complicate Your Story
  • 25 Ways To Be A Happy Writer
  • 25 Ways To Get Your Authorial Groove Back
  • 25 Ways To Survive As A Creative Person
  • 25 Ways To Unstick A Stuck Story
  • 25 Writer Resolutions
  • Appendix: 50 Rantypants Snidbits Of Writing And Storytelling Advice

23 responses to “Now Available: 500 Ways To Write Harder”

  1. Hey Chuck, just bought it for kindle. But I notice the text is dark gray. (I read in my kindle app with the black background and white text to ease my eyes and to not disturb my wife while I read in bed.) When I switch to the white background the text is black, and it’s black on Sepia too. But in my preferred format it’s nigh unreadable. Any suggestions?

      • Yeah, not sure what’s going on. It’s that way on my ipad and iPhone both. I’ll just read it on my actual kindle. Looks fine there! Thanks for checking though!

  2. You need you never ask twice – easy buy – your like the Hershey bar of books for me. I’m so excited to travel into your dungeon of, ‘you suck, it’ll be alright. You suck, keep trying.’ Your like a dominatrix for writers. Yes, I will pay to have you beat me with your kick ass writer analogies.

  3. I strongly second the first comment by Bryan. I also read with the black background and can’t because of the gray font. 🙁

  4. If anyone has interest in transparent sales numbers, I’ll throw some updates —

    The book has been out for ~12 hours.

    B&N = 5 sales.

    Payhip (aka terribleminds direct sales) = 30 sales.

    Amazon = 96 sales, and those 96 sales put it at #2,147 ranking.

    So far, sales breakdown is around 73% Amazon, 22% direct, 3% B&N.

    Which is pretty spot on for how my sales of e-books usually go!

    Thanks folks, for spreading the word and hopefully checking out the book.

    — c.

  5. Read this last night and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been struggling with the first draft of a more ambitious project (for me) and couldn’t figure out why it was so listless and meandering. While reading your book, it hit me– somebody needed to die to shake things up. Today I’m re-outlining and everything seems to be falling into place.

  6. I love the very first point in “Bad Writer Behaviors”. I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking my coffee at the time!

  7. Just fyi, while reading the preview on Amazon I came across a bit of an error: “… if you are going to, as the name of this book suggests, write harder — than you will do that all by yourself.” For three bucks I’m still going to purchase it, but I thought it’d be a good thing to fix.

  8. Thanks for posting the sales. A lot of folks don’t like putting that information out there. I’m seeing the same trends for my book (not the same amount as yours). Amazon is the dominant domain for selling ebooks. Just wait until they unleash their drones like spider monkeys.

    Anyhow, I haven’t purchased any of your books on writing, thus far. Still waiting for your book on farts….

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