Ten Questions About Alien: Out Of The Shadows, By Tim Lebbon

Not much to say here except: you had me at “Tim Lebbon is writing an Alien novel.”

Tell Us About Yourself: Who The Hell Are You?

Tim Lebbon, born in London, living in South Wales, writing since I could pick up a pencil. I’ve been published for 15 years and made a living from it for the past seven. It’s not easy, but it does happen to be the best job ever. I’ve had 30 novels published and hundreds of short stories and novellas, won some awards, had some stuff optioned but have yet to see anything on the big screen. I like real ale, chocolate, Indian cuisine. I run marathons, walk in the mountains, compete in triathlons and Ironman races. Little known fact: my favourite animal is the duck billed platypus.

Give Us The 140-Character Pitch:

Ripley was adrift in the Narcissus for 57 years before a deep space salvage team rescued her. But she wasn’t always asleep.

Where Does This Story Come From?

The basic premise comes from Fox — as does the whole loosely-connected trilogy (forthcoming books from James A Moore and Christopher Golden). But past that all the detail, the plot, the setting and characters are mine. Apart from Ripley, of course, who one or two of your readers might already know.

How Is This A Story Only You Could’ve Written?

See above. It’s my story built around a one-page concept from Fox. I’ve been an Alien fan for years and have always wanted to write an Alien novel. Dream job.

What Was The Hardest Thing About Writing Alien: Out of the Shadows?

Knowing it had to end. Honestly, I had a great time writing this book. The whole process, including notes and feedback from Fox and dealing with my splendid editor at Titan, was a pleasure.

What Did You Learn Writing Alien: Out of the Shadows?

Ripley is even more of a hard-ass than even I knew.

What Do You Love About Alien: Out of the Shadows?

It’s an action packed story, and yet I tried to give it a distinctive feel, much as each of the Alien movies feel different in tone and theme.

What Don’t You Like About It?

That it had to end.

Give Us Your Favorite Paragraph From The Story:

Wow, that’s a difficult one. How about this…

He grabbed a fixed seat and hauled himself upright. Lights flashed. Cords, panelling, and strip-lights swung where they had been knocked from their mountings. Artificial gravity still worked, at least. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to recall his training. There had been an in-depth module in their pre-flight sessions, called “Massive Damage Control,” and their guide—a grizzled old veteran of seven solar system moon habitations and three deep space exploration flights—had finished each talk with, But don’t forget YTF.

It took Hoop until the last talk to ask what he meant.

“Don’t forget…” the vet said, “you’re truly fucked.”

What’s Next For You As A Storyteller?

I’m working on THE SILENCE, a new horror novel for Titan in the UK and US. Titan US are also publishing my zombie apocalyptic novel COLDBROOK soon, and I’ve just finished a thriller which I’m hoping will find a home soon. I also have ideas for several new novels … so many ideas, so little time.

Tim Lebbon: Website

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  • Love these articles; I always find lots to read around here! As a fan of the Alien flicks, I’m taking note of this officially sanctioned trilogy and plan on checking it out soon. Mr. Lebbon – the book sounds great. I’m also interested in seeing what Dark Horse does with their comic book relaunch in their corners of the Alien universe this summer.

  • AWESOME!! She’s back! 😀 to kick some alien asses again! What a thrill! Aliens is my favorite series, and the next year Paradise, the sequel to Prometheus, Scott’s masterpiece is released! there is a long time I wanted to read novels about the universe of aliens and finally this year the books and comics are published ! 🙂 aliens get ready! This year your cries will not be heard haha

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