Favorite Stephen King Novel?

It’s Halloween and that, to me, is the time of the horror novel.

And of course, you can’t talk horror novels without some talk of one of the Masters.

So: Stephen King.

I asked this on FB a few weeks ago and it produced some interesting discussion, so I’m bringing it here to the blog because, well, YAY BLOG.

I gotta know: what’s your favorite King novel?

And, more importantly, why?

Bonus question: least favorite King novel (and also, why)?

If I had to pick my favorite — which is a tooth-pulling maneuver, because so many choices — I’d go with the entirety of the Dark Tower series, with a preference toward Wizard and Glass. Least favorite — you know, I don’t know. I tried Gerald’s Game and just couldn’t do it. Cell had a cool idea but the execution didn’t come together for me. But if I had a gun to my head: Dreamcatcher. (Doubly true of the movie, of which I am not a fan.) Still, some of King’s leastmost works are still better than so many, you know?