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Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Words Will Give You Five

Last week’s challenge: “They Fight Crime

I’m going to a random word generator.

*does that*

There. It has chosen ten random words.

Those ten words are:

  1. Library
  2. Ethereal
  3. Dolphin
  4. Replay
  5. Undertaker
  6. Storm
  7. Envelope
  8. Cube
  9. Chisel
  10. Satellite

You will choose five of those words.

You will include those five aspects — not just as words but as actual components of the story — in your 1000-word flash fiction this week. As always: post at your blog or online space, then link back here so we can all read it. You’ve got a week. Due by Friday the 29th, noon EST.

Pick words. Write story. Go.