Flash Fiction Challenge: Inspiration From Inexplicable Photos

Last week’s challenge: “A Story In Three Haiku

Gaze upon these Russian photos.

Some of them are pretty bizarre; some of them less so.

But there’s a lot of story in these images.

Today’s challenge is simple:

Choose one and use it as inspiration for your story.

You don’t need to set your stories in Russia, obviously. If one story somehow leads you to writing about a space station powered by two dogs “doin’ it” (seriously, look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean), hey, whatever. More power to you. These photos are jumping off points.

Make sure to tell us what photo you’re using. Write the story at your blog or other online space. Link back here in the comments.

You’ve got 1000 words. Any genre will do.

Due by Friday, 2/15, noon EST.

64 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Inspiration From Inexplicable Photos”

  1. for some reason, picture number 27 reminds me of my father. Not that he’s that ugly of course.

    This story is inspired by that, and about him.

  2. Number 11 reminds me of when I was young, dumb, horny and drunk in the Czech Republic. Not too innocent, not yet totally corrupted. Sometimes, the girl who’s name I forgot stands out in my memories.

  3. I’m glad you posted those pictures, but they come too close for comfort; bleak poverty, and sullen, snot-nosed children much like my little cousins. Also, alcoholic men like a couple of uncles, and everybody being irresponsible with their dogs. I’ve written about it, but I also ran away from it.

    I do intend to read the submissions.

    aka Darlene Underdahl


  4. […] is inspired by two parts: one, Casz’s great challenge during workshop last night, and two, Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge. This is based on photo number #31. I’ll admit surprise at getting this done in 500 exact […]

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