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Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Title Generation

Last week: “A Traveling Tale”

Okay, tell you what, just go ahead and…

Click here.

You will see five randomly-generated military operation titles (I, for instance, got “Famous Wizard,” “Red Imperialism,” “World-Destroying Devil,” “Massive Justice” and “Flaming Bee”).

Choose one of the five. This is the title of your story.

That story doesn’t have to be about a military operation, though it can be if that’s what makes your grapefruit squirt. All I ask is that you use it to randomly generate your story title.

Any genre. Up to 1000 words. Due by Friday, May 4th, noon EST.

Post at your own online space.

Link back here so we can all see it.

Now generate a title and get to writing, penmonkeys.