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Your Own Personal Glitches In The Matrix

Man, I dunno who sent it to me (apologies, Twitter, last week was a demon from beyond the Hell Dimension, and my brain is notoriously like a sieve), but I caught wind of this thread at Reddit:

Tell me your GLITCH IN THE MATRIX stories.”

(Core idea: remember that Deja Vu cat-replication scene in The Matrix? Meaning, something weird and inexplicable becomes a sign that the program is glitching on you.)

Go there, revel in the creepy weirdness.

And then, since I’m fascinated with this stuff, feel free to share (here, ideally) your own weird-ass incomprehensible Fortean “Matrix-Glitch” moments from your own life. Had any totally bizarre-o shit happen? Why not share? Disseminate your own weird-ass Creepypasta for all to see!