Your Own Personal Glitches In The Matrix

Man, I dunno who sent it to me (apologies, Twitter, last week was a demon from beyond the Hell Dimension, and my brain is notoriously like a sieve), but I caught wind of this thread at Reddit:

Tell me your GLITCH IN THE MATRIX stories.”

(Core idea: remember that Deja Vu cat-replication scene in The Matrix? Meaning, something weird and inexplicable becomes a sign that the program is glitching on you.)

Go there, revel in the creepy weirdness.

And then, since I’m fascinated with this stuff, feel free to share (here, ideally) your own weird-ass incomprehensible Fortean “Matrix-Glitch” moments from your own life. Had any totally bizarre-o shit happen? Why not share? Disseminate your own weird-ass Creepypasta for all to see!

60 responses to “Your Own Personal Glitches In The Matrix”

  1. I once had a dream were I was playing call of duty aw but the strange thing was that the game wasn’t even announced yet and when i bought it it was it exactly the same version that I had in my dream also since then I have had extreme Deja-vu basically I had deja-vu inception one time I had Deja-vu when I went to school and found out there wasn’t any school today so when I was going home I had Deja-vu then again when I thought about it like I thought about it in a past life like I died and everything rest without any memory of dying but then later on I started remembering.

  2. When i was younger about 11 ? I was in my room which i did NOT share with my little sister. But like all young children she wanted to be in my room and i was in my moody phase and i got mad and yelled at her i cant remember what happened just that we fought and she left crying. My mom was in the livingroom with the tv on while opening bills and shredding junk mail with our address on it. My house is very open floored its basically a square. there was the kitchen in the farthest from the front door, the living and dinning room was all open floor with only the large sofa seperating it and all the rooms where on the right side . My room was closest to the kitchen then it was the bathroom and then my momand sisters room. Anyways, i open my bedroom door as soon as i see her crying to get her to be quiet bc my mom would get mad that we were fighting. I KNOW i saw her going into the bathroom. The bathroom is closer to my room and my moms room was close to where my mom was sitting on the sofa. So i walk to the bthroom, the lights where off and i see a shadow figure so i look to make sure my mom isnt noticing whats going on and i turn around and she wasnt there and i turned on the lights and i was sure i saw a ghost. Thats when i freaked out and i asked my mom where did my sister go. She said my sister was in the kitchen getting fruit bc she was hungry. 2 seconds later she comes out of her room and says she was in her room playing her nintendo ds since 6 (it was 7:30). I was shocked and stood there confused. My mom said then to her ” didnt i tell you to go eat some green apples when you got of your room ?” My sister dennied it and i asked her later wtf happened and she said she never went to my room since the day before. I was a huge believer of ghost but now as a Satanist, it freaks me out and i belive it was a glitch not a ghost but maybe it might have been both idk.. ??

  3. This isn’t creepy at all, but as I read these stories the memory popped up.

    As a kid I remembered my mom bringing home the Disney movie Mulan 2 one evening after she got off work for me to watch. I watched the movie, loved it and all was normal in the world. Fast forward about 3 or 4 months and my mom came home with the same movie, and my parents asked if I wanted to watch it since it was newly released, and I remember being confused because I told them that it wasn’t that new anymore, in fact it had been out for months and that mom had brought the movie home months ago. My dad looked at me like I was crazy and said that the movie had just come out the day before. We watched that movie again and I could remember what was going to happen in the movie before it had happened. We never saw it in theaters and I now wish that I could remember the date that I originally remember watching the movie at home.

  4. I was sitting with a group of friends in a bar and every so often one of them would get up to go to the toilet. Everyone else had to shift to let them out. So I wondered who would be next. My friend Leigh was. He was at the end of the group so he did not need anyone to shift. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back Leigh was still sat there. I stared at him, confused. And then he got up and walked exactly the way I’d just seen him do. I saw him go before he actually did.

  5. This occurred during the summer. Me and my mom both experienced this glitch. We would go to the mall whenever I didn’t work but, because of how lame the mall had got, we would only stay for an hour, would usually get something to eat and then head back home. On one such occasion, after we left the mall, we headed straight home and because some ignorant neighbors starting parking in the front of the house where I live with my parents, I had to start parking in the back of the house. This is very important. There is a garage in our backyard, an alleyway behind the garage and on both sides of the garage is driveway for me and my dad to park in. I park in the driveway on the left side of the garage while my dad uses the driveway on the right. As I’m driving up the alleyway, my mom sees a car and asked if it was dad’s. I slowed down and said it was. I parked, got out and unlocked the backdoor and called for my dad. I didn’t get a response so I opened the basement door. The light was off but I still called for him. Again, no response. We left the backdoor open and my mom turned on all of the fans in the house. My parents do this every summer to keep the house cool. Clearly, it never works and it would have been better if they just turned on the A/C. I go to my room and start playing on my Ipad when about five minutes later, my mom calls for me. I answered and she asked me if we saw my dad’s car in the driveway as we were driving up through the alley. I said we did and her response was that the car was gone. I quickly got out of my bed and went to the backdoor and saw that my dad’s car was indeed gone. I joked that maybe what happened was that he heard us coming and went out the front door and as soon as we got in the house, he ran to his car got in and drove off. When my dad finally returned home, I explained how me and my mom saw his car in his driveway and then a few minutes later it just disappeared. He said that it was probably someone else’s car but I told him it was definitely his. He then suggested that he left shortly after we got home and just didn’t see him pull out. He even suggested that maybe as we were walking into the house, that he was leaving the house. I asked him what time he left. He said that he left close to 11:30. That is the exact time me and my mom got home and saw his car. I know this was a glitch for several reasons. Since my mom and I returned home at about 11:30, we should have seen my dad walking out the backdoor. Heck, if he was out the backdoor at the same time we had begun to walk into the house, we should have walked right past him. Another thing that confirms that this is a glitch in the matrix is that when my dad’s car disappeared, there was no sound of his car starting up and since the driveway has gravel on it, we should have also heard him pulling out into the alley.

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