Flash Fiction Challenge: The Hotel

See that picture?

There’s your flash fiction inspirado right there.

Once again, you have 1000 words and one week.

Any genre will do.

Don’t forget to drop a link to your story in the comments below.

It’s time to grab a pen and whip open your trenchcoat — flash fiction style.

(Am I right in assuming that you guys are digging these challenges? I hope so. Yell at me if you grow weary of it — though I can’t lie and say I’m not enjoying the breadth and depth of the fiction that ends up here.)

Who Checked In At The Front Desk?

Dan O’Shea, “Circle of Life

CY, “I’ll Just Take Those Bags Down For You

Jamie Wyman, “Eat. Prey. Love.

Stephanie Belser, “The Project

Abhishek Boinapalli, “From Dreams

Ben Kirby, “Boy

Julia Madeleine, “The Hotel

Madison, “There Is No Om In Hotel

AB, “My First Post

Paul Vogt, “First Impressions

Carmen Maldonado, “People Always Come And Go Like Ants

Andrea Michaels, “Decay

Alice M, “Moira’s Bathroom

Rob A, “End Of The Line

Tim Kelley, “Sisters In Melancholy

Shree, “She Watched Herself From Above

MKS, “The Last Honeymoon

Aiwevanya, “Missed Connection

Sparky, “A Break In The Clouds

Albert Berg, “The Ghosts Of Houses

Lindsay Mawson, “The Hotel

Matt, “American Tango

Letters Bloody Letters, “Strictly Business

Diane Henders, “Freedom

Shullamuth Smith, “Mr. Mojo Rising

Joyce Juzwik, “No Sale

Dan Wright, “L’Esprit De L’escalier

Scott Steele, “The Old Hotel

Boys Behaving Badly, “Amos

Amber Keller, “Bad Blood

Hyacinth, “Full House

CM Stewart, “Rapture At The Hotel

Anthony Laffan, “The Perg Hotel

Lauren (Falconesse), “Rendevouz

81 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Hotel”

  1. I do not have the flash fiction rules to-hand. Is there a prize? Is it doled out in appreciable monies, viz., a hard currency such as: dollars pesetas rubles pounds Canadian dollars Sealand dollars monkey paste sand dollars salt euros salt cod durians? I have visited many blogs but I daren’t comment because I wish to be helpful but helpfulness might be construed as snarkiness and as such I keep mum is that wrong? why do I no longer feel the need to punctuate or capitalise my sentences is it the social anxiety overwhelming me what should i do?

  2. I realized I didn’t use the concept “hotel” at all. I just used the photo, ignoring the word “hotel” and imagined it more as a sort of tenement building. Just saying in case it bears any relevance.

  3. @Anthony:

    Doh! Fixed. Apologies. I have to go through these by hand and code and link ’em, and I generally do so late at night or in the morning. Easy to miss a comment.

    Anybody else missing any, slap me in the head and neck, I’ll fix.

    I may have to toy with a new way of archiving the links. Maybe just leaving them as comments instead of tallying them at the end? Do people find the tallies useful?

    — c.

  4. Okay, I went both way over the time and word limit, and I have no idea whether it’s any good, so I’m just going to let it lie. Thanks for the prompt, though, and if it ever gets published, I shall let people know from whence the trigger came.

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