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  • Myke Cole: The Terribleminds Interview

    All I gotta say is, Myke Cole? Bonafide bad-ass. Furthermore, an all-around nice guy. He’s also a guy with a book out this week — the military-meets-magic CONTROL POINT (AKA “Black Hawk Down” meets the “X-Men”). Here he sits down and submits to the terribleminds interview.

  • Thea Harrison: The Terribleminds Interview

    Thea Harrison is one of those authors who kind of floated in and out of my periphery over social media — I didn’t know her specifically, but I know folks who did and they were very excited by who she was and what she was doing. They were spot on — and I think you’ll get it, too. Thea’s got a new novella out, TRUE COLORS, and you’ll see my image right there on the cover. NO, REALLY.

  • Matt Forbeck: The Terribleminds Interview

    Matt Forbeck is one crazy dude. Crazy like a dude with a powerful brain parasite that serves him and provides him awesome creative powers in its symbiotic grip. What hasn’t Matt written? He’s written novels, games, comics, designed toys, penned whole encyclopedias. I don’t think he’s missing much on his resume except maybe “HVAC instructions” and “Communist manifesto.”

  • J.C. Hutchins: The Terribleminds Interview

    At the fore of this week, Mister J.C. “Hutch Snugglepants McGee” Hutchins interviewed me at his podcast (come and bathe in the soothing dulcet sounds of my weird voice), and in the same fell swoop turned in his answers for an interview here at Jolly Ol’ Terribleminds. Dive in, and behold his storytelling truths.

  • Joelle Charbonneau: The Terribleminds Interview

    Joelle Charbonneau is one of the nicest and hardest working authors I know. We share an agent — the uber-super-ultra-agent, Stacia Decker — but the sad thing is, without that connection I might not have read Joelle’s delightful debut, SKATING AROUND THE LAW. Which would be an epic mistake.

  • In Which I Am Interviewed By SFX Magazine

    In the meantime I figured I’d flip it and switch it and post a short interview I did with SFX Magazine regarding DOUBLE DEAD, which comes out in November. A small version of the image is in the post, but if you click it, you’ll embiggenate that sonofabitch. You’ll embiggen it reaaaal goood.