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  • Irregular Creatures: The Prognosis

    In case you missed it (which, given my self-prostitution, means you must’ve been buried under a tornado-smacked barn), I went ahead and “officially” released my short story collection, IRREGULAR CREATURES, to the Amazon Kindle marketplace. By middle of the day, the collection achieved profitability.

  • I Give Thee: “Irregular Creatures”

    And so it is done. Up on Amazon’s Kindle marketplace: my first short story collection, IRREGULAR CREATURES. And, in fact, if you’d be so kind, I’d love it if you purchased it today. Still, you might be on the fence. You might be saying, “Ehhhh, ennnnh, nnnmmmgh, I just don’t know.” Could be that you need a little convincing.

  • Why Are Dead Birds Falling From The Sky? (Hint: It’s Totally My Fault)

    It is not coincidental that the name of my book is BLACKBIRDS and that many of the dead birds are also blackbirds (or, at least, birds that happen to be black of feather). Why is that, you ask? I’m totally the guy killing all those birds. I’m really glad to have that off my chest.