Prometheus: In Which The Gods Of Plot Punish The Characters For Their Precious Agency

It is to my mind quite good -- it's beautiful, elegant, icy, and has some truly gut-churning scenes of body horror. Just the same, it's a film that misses its mark, but that's okay -- the mark was quite small and quite far and it was brave of them to shoot for it. I appreciate a film that aims for the bullseye and misses...

The Providence Rider, by Robert McCammon

The Providence Rider is next in McCammon's Matthew Corbett series, a pre-Revolutionary War set of stories featuring the up-and-coming "problem solver" (think detective but with a far wider purview). Each book has been a different creature than the one before it, which is a bold choice for a series. It's got everything. Humor. Sex. Action. Adventure.

Shortest Finch Review Ever: “Go Read It Now.”

I’ve been planning on writing this review forever, and yet, something stopped me. Has nothing to do with the book — maybe something with writing reviews? I used to love penning reviews left and right, but not so much anymore. Still, even a month or two after finishing it, I still have a fire in my belly for the novel, which thrilled me in ways I did not expect. So, fuck it. Here’s the review. Jeff Vandermeer’s Finch. First, let’s not get crazy. This is not going to be a... Read The Rest →

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