Ten Questions About Your Story

Here at terribleminds, it’s time we do interviews a little differently. I want to use the interviews to showcase a story rather than its author. Now, on the one hand, I really like showcasing the author. Highlighting a storyteller of some medium is a fascinating look at who we are and how we all have variant processes — but the change is necessary for, I think, two reasons: One, I just don’t have the time to craft the individualized questions for other writers and storytellers anymore. It’s not that it’s some... Read The Rest →

Eric Beetner: The Terribleminds Interview

I met Eric Beetner recently when he and Monsignor Blackmoore were kind enough to have me read some Miriam Black at the LA Noir at the Bar, and Eric read a slam-bang piece of grimy, gritty crime fiction that assured me he’d be a natural fit to talk about his work here at the site. I’ve hooked the car batteries up to his manly components — let’s see what he says when we turn up the juice, yeah? (You can find Eric at his site, or on Twitter @ericbeetner.) This... Read The Rest →

J.D. Rhoades: The Terribleminds Interview

J.D.’s one of those authors who’s out there in the trenches fighting the good fight. He writes what he wants and finds a way to get it out there, whether that means through traditional means or through DIY channels. Here’s the man himself to tell you what he’s got going on. You can find him at his website: jdrhoades.blogspot.com or on them thar Twitters @JD_Rhoades. This is a blog about writing and storytelling. So, tell us a story. As short or long as you care to make it. As true or... Read The Rest →

Chris Baty: The Terribleminds Interview

Chris Baty, ladies and gentlemen: the founder of NaNoWriMo is here just in time to save you and your novel. I met Chris as the Crossroads Conference down in Macon, GA, this year, where the both of us were guest speakers of the con (and what a kick-ass con it is), and damn if he isn’t the nicest and most inspiring dude. Which tells me he’s probably a serial killer, but that’s okay. Who isn’t? Chris harnessed the power of his niceness and inspiration and focused them on an interview... Read The Rest →

Margaret Atwood: The Terribleminds Interview

Turns out, Internet, that wishes do come true. How do I know? Because I wished on Twitter for Margaret Atwood to consent to an interview here at terribleminds and, in what must have been a fit of temporary madness (or sinister genius), she agreed. (I’m sure by now she’s regretting it.) I know I don’t have to tell you who she is — all I need to say is it is an honor and a pleasure to have someone of her talent and stature hanging out with us roughshod riff... Read The Rest →

Tracy Barnett: The Terribleminds Interview

Tracy Barnett is a creator of games in the old school, including the successfully-funded-on-Kickstarter game, School Daze. (Oh, and he has a new Kickstarter running for a game between only two people called “One Shot.”) You can find him at his online space, sandandsteam.net, or follow him on the Twitters @TheOtherTracy. Behold his thought-milk, below. This is a blog about writing and storytelling. So, tell us a story. As short or long as you care to make it. As true or false as you see it. [RETRIEVAL COMMENCING] [IMAGE FILES... Read The Rest →

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