Author: terribleminds

  • 2021: Things What I Liked (That I Can Remember)

    This is going to be hasty — I have an utterly broken memory of what actually existed in 2021. It’s curiously difficult to pinpoint this year as a year, to find its walls, to see its ceiling and its floor, to know what exists in this temporal room, this time-based structure. Because I barely acknowledge […]

  • 2021: My Favorite Photos

    So! I thought it’d be fun to go through my photos this year and pick a favorite from every month. Why? ONE MUST FEED THE CONTENT BEAST, AFTER ALL. Ha ha, not really, this is a blog, nobody reads those anymore. No, I wanted to do it because photography gives me great peace, and delights […]

  • 2021: The Year That Almost Was

    I… thought maybe this year was going to be different. Upfront, let me say I don’t think this year was all bad, per se. Certainly it wasn’t as bad as 2020, though that is a thing I have to remind myself of constantly, because 2021 certainly feels like it’s a real piece of shit on […]

  • Matrix: Resurrections — Or, The Conversation Art Has With Itself

    I think that art and story are products of a conversation, perhaps many conversations. Sometimes it’s the result of a conversation between the artist and their audience. Other times it’s can be a culmination of the conversation that the artist has between their own experiences and their own influences — and in both of these […]

  • Johann Thorsson: Five Things I Learned Writing Whitesands

    Detective John Dark’s daughter has been missing for two years. In his frantic and unfruitful search for her two years ago, John Dark overreached and was reprimanded and demoted. Now suddenly back into the homicide department, Dark is put on a chilling case – a man who killed his wife in their locked house and […]

  • Miyuki Jane Pinckard: Five Things I Learned While Becoming an Independent Publisher

    About two months ago, I saw that Julia Rios and Meg Frank were looking to turn over the leadership of Mermaids Monthly to a new team. No experience required, they said! I have no experience running a publishing business, so naturally I applied immediately. I assure you no one was more shocked than I when […]