Flash Fiction Challenge: Stolen Titles (Stephen King Edition)

Here’s the challenge this week:

I want you to take the title of one of the following Stephen King books, and write a short story based on it. The trick is, your story should be entirely different — you’re divorcing the title from the novel from whence it came, and writing Your Own Damn Thing. (Bonus points if you assume an entirely different genre — not horror at all.)

Get it? Got it? Good.

Choose a title randomly (random.org) or just pick.

1. The Stand

2. Mr. Mercedes

3. Under the Dome

4. The Shining

5. The Colorado Kid

6. The Talisman

7. The Dead Zone

8. Desperation

9. Bag of Bones

10. The Dark Half

Length: ~1000 words

Due by: Friday, April 13th (oh shit!), noon EST

Write at your online space.

Give us a link below.

Go steal a title.

82 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Stolen Titles (Stephen King Edition)”

  1. Oh, perhaps the irony of it all: Just now such a writing exercise is not possible because. . . of deadlines. To quote The Great American Philosopher, Homer J. Simpson: D’oh!

    Seriously, I will pursue this challenge when time allows. Until then: Nice to meet you.

      • Thank you… I started laughing out aloud at the dude flapping his arm, then the bird flapping his wings – very Monty Python! – and laughing at the image of it in my mind as I wrote was great! But really if it works well for a writer, and then works well on the page,… well that’s what it’s all about, right? 😛

        • As a matter of fact, that was what I found the funniest moment in your story too.
          You’re right- if you aren’t bored while writing, then the reader won’t be bored while reading either.

    • I read this twice to fully appreciate the horror. Especially love the mise-en-scene macabre which took a beat to understand exactly what it was… constructed of. *Shudder*

      • Thank you! Because these are pieces from a much larger world I’m working on I’m always worried they won’t make sense as standalones. Flash fiction necessitates some mystery but has to point to something

        • I get the same thing. Sometimes a flash fiction is just what the doctor ordered together those juices flowing, but then will it make sense to someone just joining? I think you did a very good job though.

  2. I made an attempt to use The Colorado Kid for a little Western YA thing I’ve been trying. I couldn’t work my word count down enough and scrapped it for this challenge. (You can find it on my website.) Went with The Stand, a King favorite from my youth.

    Here it is per the challenge: completely retyped verbatim save for one word. See if you can find the word I changed.

    Just kidding. Enjoy. 997 words.


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