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Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Setting

You know the drill: Random number generator or d20. Roll it. Grab a setting from the list below and go forth and write yourself around 1000 words of fiction set in that location.

Due in one week, by September the 6th, noon EST.

Post at your online space.

Link back here.

The list, then, is:

  1. A Starbucks during the Apocalypse
  2. The gates of Heaven
  3. A slaughterhouse
  4. A library on an alien world
  5. Satan’s palace, Pandaemonium
  6. Inside a giant creature
  7. On a pirate beach
  8. In a penal colony built by elvish astronauts
  9. Route 66 during a tornado
  10. On a crashing plane
  11. Inside the virtual reality landscape of a robot’s mind
  12. The NYC subways
  13. Ancient Sumer
  14. A monster brothel
  15. A shopping mall in Arizona
  16. In a police department during an epic blizzard
  17. In the base of the Moon Nazis
  18. In a serial killer’s nightmare
  19. A distant island far from home
  20. Lost in New Jersey

Choose. Write. Rock it.